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Picture Finish Equestria Women Friendship Games Amazon Special 2015 MLP Doll Evaluate | Bin’s Toy Bin


New for 2015, Friendship Games Equestria Women Picture Finish is an Amazon.com Special in the United States. She is really fundamental but has the proper Cutie Mark and she seems to have borrowed Pinkie Pie’s footwear! LOL! Check OUT SOME OF OUR Pleasurable, Spouse and children-Helpful YOUTUBE TOY Evaluate PLAYLISTS!

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  1. Wow. This doll is a bit of a disappointment. Though it's probably more Amazon then Hasbro considering all the other Friendship Games dolls have better packaging and looks and everything.

  2. Actually… The Rainbow Rocks Photofinish has the right cutie mark, you see, the people that made the show used Twilight Sparkle as base for Photofinish, she had Twilight's cutie mark, but also a camera… So the new one has the wrong cutie mark.

  3. In the season 1 episode, with Photo Finish, if you look closely you see an animation error, with twilights cutie mark on PF. I think that is why they did that in the first place

  4. Actually, if you look closely in Photo Finish's episode, when she is going out of the boutique, you can see her cutie mark is Twilight's

  5. Photo Finish is actually a Twilight Sparkle recolor, so of course she had Twilight's cutie mark (Though, it was just an animation error.).

  6. Spot the difference ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  7. though she's a. little more plain than the rainbow rocks version, I really like the amazon exclusive

  8. Holy Moly – I didn't even know Amazon had her in stock yet. Must rush over there now and see if they will ship her to the UK. Good old Hasbro with the recycling of shoes hehe – Excellent Review Jon and Bin πŸ™‚

  9. Bin you always have the cutest nails!! I love Charlie Brown and I can't wait to see the new peanuts movie πŸ™‚

  10. i like the new photo finish the old i didn't like it that much but yea!!!

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