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Places Scout Local SEO Tool Reviews


Places Scout Local SEO Tool Reviews: https://www.placesscout.com/

Places Scout is an automated SEO tool that lets you dominate local SEO. It’s an all-in-one solution that provides advanced tools for keyword research, lead generation, rank tracking, business reputation monitoring & much more. It’s simply amazing.. You can see full features at; https://www.placesscout.com/seo-software/general-features

Here are REVIEWS and TESTIMONIALS from real customers and SEO agencies using PlacesScout;

“…This product, all by itself, with my knowledge and thinking out of the box, has located, and put me in position, to procure over 22 new clients. Now obviously, I have the knowledge and experience, to be able to market to them, and these are for a bunch of different services long term, but on the whole, and right up front, it has produced quickly, 22 $97 one-time sales. And that is just the tip of the iceberg… “


“Mark has released something very special with this software. I do not leave reviews very often but I just can’t help myself in this case.

Places Scout has been instrumental in getting my offline marketing business off the ground. He provides easy to follow instructions in his videos and once you understand the software it not only helps track current client results but makes finding new ones a breeze.”
Dennis Jeffers


“All I can say is WOW, I wish I would have had this software when I got started because this makes contacting business owners a breeze.”


“Great software and great support… Mark has out done himself with “GOOGLE PLACES SCOUT” easy to use… fast-up-to-date-info that will have you profiting from local clients…A must have product if you buy any SEO tool this year get Google Places Scout…”
Dana Henson


“First, the user interface is beautiful. It is very easy on the eyes. If only other similar products had this look to them. More important, if you are familiar with the standard office apps, PlacesScout will be easy for you to learn. Most functions are very intuitive. I always like to see what I can do without reading a manual or watching instructional videos. Almost everything was doable this way..”
Taylor S.


“The first thing I’ll say is that the software is very well designed. It has an attractive UI and is feature rich. Places Scout is also very fast at completing each task or project…

…Overall I am very impressed with Places Scout. I think it offers a great deal of functionality and value. It is a worthy asset to add to your toolbox if you offer Local SEO services…”
Jeff Klein


“Mark is the real deal as far as both online marketing AND a top rate programmer. He knows so much about the data that he had my head spinning.

PlacesScout works and provides reports in such a way that both helps close deals and helps communicate your results to customers. “



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