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Planning To Take Your Kids Out? How About Horses In The Sea?


Horses in the sea? Well, you might be thinking that this is a stupid article or an error, but what we are actually talking to you is about seahorses. Seahorse is a tiny fish with the head of a horse and a tail like a monkey. Although, they look like a horse, they are actually fishes with fins and gills just like other fishes, breathe underwater and as an upright position. The unbelievable shape and structure of these unique fishes would make anyone love to get a glimpse of this extraordinary creature.

Seahorses can be found both in temperate as well as tropical waters and are usually found in various parts of the world. It might be surprising to know that once upon a time no one knew about them, but today most of them have been successfully kept in saltwater aquariums. A lot of Seahorse species have been shown to be endangered or is it a risk of becoming extinct in the near future. Hence, it becomes extremely important for you to experience some of these amazing creatures.

You might also love to hear about some amazing facts on seahorses, and that they are under an assumption of extension in the near future. The drawf seahorse would definitely be an amazing thing to see and it looks quite funny too, but you need to see the Longsnout species that will make your jaws drop.

Some Facts You Never Knew About Seahorses

• Seahorses use their back fins (dorsal fins) to move forward. To move up or down the species adjust the air pressure in their swim bladders which means that there is an air pocket inside their bodies.

• You might find very small spine like plates covering the entire body of the species and come in different forms and colors.

• The tail of a Seahorse can hold objects which helps them to stabilize or anchor themselves near vegetation. This means that they park themselves near an object just like a ship does by putting down its anchor.

• The female Seahorse is responsible for laying a pack of eggs in a tiny pouch kept in the male seahorse's abdomen. Just like the kangaroo's pouch, seahorses carry their little ones in the pouch known as 'brood pouch' in their abdomen.

• It takes 45 days for a young Seahorse egg to hatch, and is just the same size of an M&M. Once the eggs are hatched, the seahorses find other little ones and swim together in small groups by clinging to each other with the help of their tails.

• Unlike kangaroos, little seahorses are not allowed to return to their daddy's pouch, but are expected to find their own food and protect themselves from predators as soon as they are born.

• Seahorses can be found as small as 1.5 inches and as big as 12 inches. The largest Seahorse is found in the Pacific Ocean with 12 inches in length.

• Seahorses eat through their tube-like nose, and usually restrict to eating tiny organisms.

• The best part about seahorses is that they can move each eye independently, which means that they can get multiple views around them. This is their secret of keeping themselves away from predators.

Seahorses are wonderful creatures and a must-see for every human being on earth. However, since most of us cannot go into the ocean to experience these wonderful creatures, one way that it can be done is to visit Sea Life. Sea life can give you real-time experience of these extraordinary creatures, and can educate your kids with facts that they never knew before.

By Carolyn Clayton

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