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Point and Shoot Digital Cameras – Top 5 Benefits


Gone are the days when taking good quality photographs was the preserve of the expert photographers alone. With the advent of point and shoot digital cameras, also called compact cameras, anyone and everyone can take a great picture. This is the primary reason behind the ever increasing popularity of compact cameras – convenience.  

Compact digital cameras have a number of other functionalities as well, that make it a favorite of the casual and occasional photographers. Let us have a look at some of them.


As mentioned earlier, convenience is the hallmark of the point and shoot digital camera. No running to the store to get a film roll, and then again for developing the films. In between, there is the messy business of changing the rolls. No such problems with a compact digital camera.


This is perhaps one of the most attractive feature – they are easy on the pocket. whatever be your budget, there is a suitable compact camera loaded with features for you – you can rest assured on this point. The price range of these digital cameras ranges from a modest US $ 70 to US $ 500, depending on the model and features included.

Idiot Proof

If ever there was a camera specifically devised  for the complete novice, it is the point and shoot camera. That is how it got its name in the first place! It is indeed no hyperbole when I say “even a kid can take great pictures with a compact digital camera”.

Great Features

What is a gadget without a host of cool features? Most of the currently available digital compact camera models – even the most modestly priced ones – have a number of great features, such as red eye reduction, continuous shooting mode (taking multiple shots in bursts) and web camera capabilities.


Digital compact cameras are really versatile. In addition to their primary function – taking great snaps – they can also be used for a host of other photography purposes. For example, most modern digital cameras can easily capture video – so you can use them for making small movie clips. Some have even the capability to shoot HD videos!

Point and shoot cameras are perfect for capturing memories at a moment’s notice. Therefore, they are the perfect choice for amateur and casual photographers. Indeed, a number of models that are currently available are sufficiently advanced that they can easily satisfy the most demanding professional photographers!

By Siddharth Singh

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