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Poltergeist movie overview


Amongst a slew of Hollywood remakes, it really is honestly stunning it took Hollywood this prolonged to re-do Poltergeist. But now that it really is listed here, Jeremy presents you his overview of the remake of “Poltergeist”!

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  1. The great news is, now that Poltergeist is out of the way, and The Shining's remake value being killed off by a TV miniseries, there are no more 1980's Horror Movies for Hollywood to remake!

    I mean…unless they were going to remake….

    Oh they better not fuck with my Gremlins.

  2. Guess I'm a simple minded person, I actually enjoyed this movie lol that or I just have this thing where Sam Rockwell turns shit into gold cause he's that awesome

  3. I still remember the squirrel jumpscare.I thought it was a rat because it would make sense and it would be creepier but no.Alvin and the chipmunks.

  4. i would say it's dog shit. really bad, comparing this to the original its really really bad, one of the worst remakes i have ever watch

  5. just saw this SHITTY ASS CRAP and it wasn't even scary, but it did achieve the WORST horror movie ever.

  6. I played back the "they're heeeeeeeeere…… for the party like six times and laughed harder each time.

  7. One of the weakest most unnecessary remakes I've seen (& that's saying a lot). Just see the original. It may be a bit dated but it's damn near perfect. I mean when they dropped the biggest "HOLY SHIT!!!" revelation/climax moment of the whole movie in passing conversation in the middle, I just gave up. Please see the original first. (That one scene with the pool Traumatized me.)

  8. So I finally got around to watching this and wow. All the negative comments where right. They did a horrible job with a great story. It was rushed, also no character development. Forced plot points. Oh they used to be married. Why even bring that up. It would have worked better if he hit on her and then joked about a drink that they'll never have when he sacrificed himself.

    You're telling me both parents watch and do nothing when the boy goes in. They would dive head first. The whole movie is a few days. The first movie lead up with suspense and thinking the ghost was playful. They ruined the maggots in the face scene with reflections in a faucet scene.

    All and all, this was shit writing and shit CGI. The actors did what they could with what they had. To much relied on Special affects instead of practical ones. No connected with anyone but the day so no caring if someone dies.

  9. This film was weak!!! I could only watch 20mins of it before turning it of, same old predictable modern horror

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