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Porsche Panamera hatchback 2017 review – Carbuyer


Porsche Panamera 2017 review: http://carbyr.uk/2fHmnrO
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The second generation Porsche Panamera improves on the original in pretty much every way. It looks every inch the five-door Porsche 911, and offers plenty of interior and boot space. It’s also excellent to drive, allowing the passengers to travel in comfort, while still exciting the driver through superb ride and handling and masses of performance. The latest car is loaded with tech, which goes some way to justifying its huge price tag.

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  1. what camera is using to make this vid? i really love how the color/tone brings kind of gloomy mood in this vid

  2. yes, everyone is very interested in how many bottles of water they can put in their Porsche

  3. It doesn't look like a hatchback but when I saw the rear, I said: "Oh it is a hatchback"

  4. I would call this car more luxurious than sporty I mean come on look how practical and high-tech this car is.

  5. They need to create an exterior that excites. The audi A7 excites. The M6 excites. The cls63 excites. But they need to lose those dumb fishbowl headlights.

  6. Looks better but the A7 still smokes it in the looks department. Guess I'll have to wait for the 3rd generation.

  7. Ignore the haters, it was a good review. Anyone paying attention to the content, and what you were saying, would realise this

  8. That looks the most uncomfortable driving position I've ever seen ,dear god can you imagine driving in that position

  9. Where did they found this Leprechaun?
    He looks, talks and moves like an exiled leprechaun… like his leprechaun community banned him and he ended up hissing (that slursh sound lol)

  10. "look at this car – its built exactly like other cars in this segment. nothing new for at least 10 years now. now watch my hand moving all over the screen."

  11. "A traditional analogue clock here"? If this reviewer is that clueless about a simple DIGITAL clock, he is likely just as clueless about everything else regarding the car, merely parroting what he has been told (or thinks he has been told.)

  12. The base Panamera has a 3.0 turbo V6, not a 2.9 turbo V6. That only comes in the S and is also shared with the Audi Rs5, while the 3.0 in the base Panamera is shared with Audi's S4 and S5.

  13. Of course there's plenty of leg room behind the driver's seat when the driver's seat is in your driving position! looks like it's as far forward and high as it can go!! You look ridiculous driving…

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