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Posthuman review – with Board Game Corner


Mark and Randy check out this post-apocalyptic game in which you might become a mutant yourself!

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  1. Can't wait for the couple of months for my copy to show up.

    Hope my friends will like it and it can get to the table often.

  2. Great job guys, and thank You. My gaming taste is usually very similiar to Mark's, so for a backer like me this review was really reassuring 😉

  3. I may have missed it but would have liked just a bit on how going posthuman works as far as how you turn the other players. Great vid though i really enjoy how you 2 do your reviews.

  4. This looks so cool. I love that you can design your own character in this! You don't really see that in board games very often. It does leave the door open to balance issues though. Mark, have you messed around with different "builds" and if so, do you feel like things are pretty balanced?

  5. Wonder why Tom and Zee were hesitant about this game (in Essen preview, i think). Maybe they will review it at some point too.

  6. This looks really interesting but it is in desperate need of a component makeover to make it more thematically immersive.

    I had some issues playing actually (i'm not a frequent boardgame player)… I played the game with my boyfriend last night and was great till he turned mutant. I was still in the first leg towards the human settlement and after one minute became clear that it would have been impossible for me to do anything but dying/turning mutant within one or two moves. I will give it a try with a 3+ players 'cause maybe it's different, but i do think that by turning mutant one become too strong (he can't lose points, he's "everywhere" and don't have to reach or follow a player, he always has a handful of harming actions to play against humans). Did you experienced the same thing?

  8. I just finished watching Rahdo's Final Thoughts on this game and then watched your review. He disagrees w/ you on a few interesting points. First of all, he prefers Eurogames and generally HATES AmeriTrash games like Arkham Horror, that have a lot of luck and are story driven, but he PRAISED this game b/c: In what other game can you exchange psychotherapy for a machine gun? You mentioned mostly the weapons and most people expect a game like this to be all about combat, but you didn't mention that there are scenarios like sitting around the campfire playing a harmonica, and how that boosts moral, or how you can develop your mind or speed as well as your fighting skills with traditional weapons. Also, as the players begin to turn mutant, it's not just that you are battling some monsters that are turned up on some card, but you are battling players who have agency. Even though there is still a heavy luck element in the roll of the dice, the tiles you get and the cards, there is more player agency in this game, and as you said, there are moral decisions. These factors make this game different from other Ameritrash games, like Descent, which Rahdo mentioned as being the same sequence of encounter, fight, and advance over and over.

    Finally, you said that if everyone turns into a mutant, no one wins, but that's not true. The GOAL of the players changes to become cooperative and if everyone turns mutant, then the mutants win, so everyone wins. That is what makes this game original and so

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