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Power Rangers (2017) Movie Review


Did this contemporary version of the ’90s superhero show live up to expectations?

Hands-on With the Red Ranger’s Power Sword:

Power Rangers Actors Tease Red vs. Black Ranger Battle:

Power Rangers Cast Define Their Team Roles:

Power Rangers – The Rangers Meet Alpha 5:

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  1. I wasn't enjoying when I was watching it, but when I was walking out of the theatre, I kind of changed my mind. It's about what I would have wanted from a modern day PR movie if I had been younger. It was not without its faults though. One moment actually made me laugh out loud when I wasn't sure it was supposed to

  2. 5/10 didn't feel like they spent a lot of money on this movie

  3. POWER RANGERS ROAR! There's a knight~ in the distance~ and i see them coming closer~

  4. anyone else notice captain singh from the flash and stargirl from legends of tomorrow are in the film?

  5. Who's excited for this movie to become series this year! And yes this is going to be a series. how? Watch the end of the movie and listen to what Rita says. You will thank me later…?

  6. It's laking the original soundtrack, biggest minus. Biggest plus Tommy and Kimberly at the end.

  7. I totally disagree. This power rangers was less cheesy than the older mighty Morphin. Here they could actually kill people and swear a lot and it feels more reel. The high school is so much more realistic

  8. I rmb playing the ps1 power ranger which is so fun but for this movie I gonna stream it online sorry but I do not trust this movie to be good like fantasic 4 remake

  9. I personally loved this movie,but they still have more room to expand and make it even better than before.

  10. I actually like the different take to Rita Repulsa here. I mean, the original Rita was 80% slapstick and only 20% villainous. This new Rita meant business and really posed a legitimate threat to the rangers.

  11. Elizabeth Banks is the only reason to watch this as she's the only one who understands the cheesy source material

  12. Awwww common this movie deserves like a 8 or 8.5 sure it has a few mistakes put overall IT'S REAKING LIT!!!!

  13. This movie deserves a 5/10 at best . Took to fucken long for them to morph yet when they do they literally fight for 5 mins and for the rest of the movie the "masks" aren't even on?? Movie was so bad

  14. Now that Tom Holland totally showed these gimmicky kids who's the big daddy, they have to work on their choreographic moves. Why did I even spend my money on this cheesy flick, ugh!

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