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Prius Prime Promises to Double Electric Range | Consumer Reports


With a claimed battery-only range of 22 miles, and quick recharging through a standard 110 volt outlet, will the new Toyota Prius Prime plug-in finally be worth plugging in?

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  1. Too little Electric range, 8.8 kWh is just not enough.
    First of all, with only 8.8 kWh and 22 miles of EV range, this car might not be eligible for the full EV subsidies available depending where you live, like here in Canada.

    For roughly the same price you can get a Volt with ~18,5 kWh and eligible for the full subsidies.
    The reporter talks about the deal between Toyota and Chargepoint and its Fast charging network but there is no need for that because this Prius does not support fast charging, it will likely have a 3,3 kWh charger, at best, so you can expect to have access to Chargepoint 240v charger and should expect a ~2,5 hours to 3 hours charge at 3,3 kWh for only 22 miles.

    The redesign is fine but the core of the car is so 2010…

  2. Mark definitely needs a lot more practice before coming on camera. No offense. Good coverage otherwise.

  3. Obama and Hillary having been working on closing down the more Coal plants in favor green which might sound good but electricity rate will have to go up- the war on Coal is for what they call climate control so I'm not so sure using more KW for driving a car when fuel prices have come down.

  4. TOYOTA should focus on all electric vehicles……………..they are the future………..fossil fuels are the past.
    VW should have focused on electric vehicles rather than TDI diesels…. NO EMISSIONS
    Climate Change is real…….we need to deal with the cause (fossil fuels).

  5. who design this car? its a Prius not Celica , do they even do market research? sport looking car in green car? yeah totaly make sense.

  6. If you're going to buy a car with an automatic transmission just because you are too lazy to shift gears then you should definitely buy a hybrid.

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