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Project CARS 2 Review


http://www.ISRTV.com presents our Review of Project CARS 2. Two years ago, Project CARS 1 was a big success with over a million copies sold in the first month alone. But it didn’t catch on with everyone, including us.

Which brings us now to Project CARS 2. More cars, more (scanned) tracks, weather, dynamic tracks, and the list goes on and on. So the question is, are all these updates enough to bring not only the original million folks, but millions more? That’s what we find out.

01:49 Menus / Navigation / Settings
03:36 Cars
04:25 Tracks
07:21 Physics
09:10 Force Feedback
10:14 Tuning
11:02 Weather / Date / Time of Day
12:00 Rallycross

12:43 Graphics
15:25 Sounds
17:15 Game Modes
18:23 Live Track 3.0
18:57 Damage Model

20:04 AI
21:14 Oval Racing


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  1. The poor AI is a deal breaker for me. I hated…hated…HATED the AI in the first one. I couldn't even race the Monte Carlo track because the AI ALWAYS caused a wreck in the final turn and the cars were just too stupid to find away around it causing a jam.

    If they can't fix that, then fuck them. They don't need my money.

  2. 19:06 “it’s cool to see body parts being shed”
    I’m still waiting for a game where I see a severed arm come flying through a windscreen during a crash and get caught in someone’s wing

  3. The game is great.
    The game is complete , no fucking loot crates.
    All the cars are available , not fucking locked.
    Don't need fucking credits to buy a fucking car !
    Do you know where I am going with this …

  4. lmao….i tap out
    They never fixed the issues with Pcars1, they just milked us for DLC, then took the money to improve the software then release it as Pcars2 and hold their hand out again, prepare for exciting DLC…again!……wash rinse repeat

  5. I'm having a blast playing PC2, even though I only have a controller it's still playable, assuming you take some time to adjust default values which are awful.

    Sure, I won't break actual lap records any time soon obviously, but it's enough to beat the AI and get a feel for some of the amazing cars that are featured. Add to that an awesome collection of tracks (cough cough GT sport lol) coupled with the best fully adjustable, dynamic weather system to date, and PC2 makes for a frankly impressive experience.

    Oh and by the way, the game runs fine (1080p-60fps single monitor) with a fairly old PC spec so bonus points there too :
    Windows 7 64
    6GB RAM
    HDD drive
    MSI R9 280X 3gb
    i7 920

    When all is said and done, I'll pick up a wheel and pedals soon. Too many great PC sims to pass on that opportunity^^

  6. Really awesome, detailed, well edited review criticising the same things I'd do. I also don't like the in-car sounds.
    Thanks for this video!

  7. First game must have had a lot of "haters" because this game sold 25% compared to the first game, they didn´t listen, they didn´t fix anything, eat it.

  8. The way this guy does pauses during his speech gives me anxiety holy crap

    Try talking more naturally instead of forcing to sound like a host cause its forced and comes off horrible

  9. missing the shelby gt350 based gt4 car, missing the camaro gt4 car, Ill pass. after the shit show known as project cars 1 not sure I would even consider this within 3-4 months of launch. wake me when it hits 20 bucks on black friday.

  10. I hate project cars 2. Cars1 was much better. I am now using Gran Turismo Sport which is great. Two much trouble and complication in setting up cars. Very poor setup interface. I still use pc1 when want to drive V8 Supercar on Bathurst track
    This is very realistic and in car graphics are very realistic. Driving down conrod straight at full noise is like the incar view on TV.
    For me I will trade PC2 at my next game purchase.

  11. Maybe this is a bit picky, but I really like to see how my current lap compares with previous ones

    Notice how the words "BEST LAP DELTA" are generally readable, but the numbers beside the words, not so much.

    There IS a HUD editor, but when you go back to racing, the changes are ignored.  Go back to the editor and your changes are there.

    I'm on a PS4 Pro, and there are other things which get up my nose

    Only about a dozen replays can be saved

    If your wheel is not connected, you can't edit the wheel settings

    As he alludes to, they should do a better job of choosing default parameters.  From camera settings to wheel settings.  For example, the way my wheel was set up for me, the sweeping turns at Big Willow required arms of twisted spaghetti to get around them,  It was like trying to negotiate hairpin bends at 130 miles per hour.  And how about a default camera shutter speed of ½ second and f-stop of f3!

    And a bunch of annoying bugs not fixed in release 2.0

    I'm leaving my PCars 2 disk in its jacket for now hoping that SMS will get it together.  It's fun, but it's hard work extracting that fun.

  12. Should I get this or Gran Turismo Sport (I'm not a racing game enthusiast but I have played Gran Turismo 4 and some Need for Speed games and recently I've been craving a good racing game experience also I play on ps4

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