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Proven Tactics for Success With the Amazon Associate Program


There are hundreds, if not thousands, of affiliate programs available, but Amazon is perhaps the most stable and well known. The company and their affiliate program are so strong, and they really have set quite a high standard with their affiliate program. As an Amazon associate, you will be facing stiff competition from the other affiliates, which is why you should focus on increasing your earnings every single day.

There are different strategies that people take depending on the price of the item. You can find quite a few people state they are unhappy with the percentage that Amazon pays their affiliates. A 6% payout for a book that costs $15 – $20 is not very much and people are not happy with that. Some of the associates tend to completely ignore the small ticket items not knowing what kind of benefit lies in it. The thing about it is that if your marketing is good with excellent traffic, then those little numbers can turn into something noticeable. There is a lot to be said for a brand like Amazon because as an Associate, the entire issue of trust is pretty much removed from the equation.

While the bigger products may not have a large target audience, smaller products like books, CDs, DVDs, etc, have a really wide market. Another benefit that you get from promoting small ticket items is that they help you increase the commission tier you’re on. Amazon does recognize those who are able to make more sales, and that is not unusual in the world of sales. Do not neglect the all important aspect of tracking your links; obviously you will have a better idea of which products are getting the clicks. Amazon allows you to create up to hundred tracking ids, which is enough even if you’re a big seller. Amazon’s tracking system will provide you with the fundamental idea of whether or not a product link is getting a click. Don’t ignore this step because ultimately your profits depend on how effectively you grow your campaign and get more conversions. If you’re not tracking your campaigns, you’re simply leaving money on the table.

The kind of products you search and promote makes a big difference to your overall Amazon earnings, so try to find the ones that are offering a discount or a bonus. Of course you should also do testing to see which products are converting better. Just like out in the real world, nothing attracts attention like a special deal; and they always seem to work well. So when you’re focusing on increasing your earnings on Amazon, it makes sense to look for products that will help you do so. All shoppers love finding a great deal – and that is a major part of the deal with shopping at Amazon.

There is much more you can do if you want higher earnings from Amazon, and all you need to do is keep doing and learning more.

By Rob Cole

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