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PS4 Camera The PlayRoom Review | Game Dave


Game Dave reviews The PlayRoom for the PS4, utilizing the new PlayStation Camera.
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Retro, old school, import, and modern video games? I love them all and sharing my experiences with video games is what this channel is all about. Why get wrapped up in all the controversy and politics of the gaming industry when we can just hang out and enjoy the coolest/nerdiest hobby out there… gaming! Make sure you check back often for weekly reviews, retrospectives, gaming stories, and other weird stuff all about video games.

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  1. I never got to use Playroom yet because I don't have a camera but it looks pretty fun for a tech demo. I'm sure if you have kids or company over it would be a cool thing to use as well. But if you don't have a lot of space in front of your TV (like I do) it doesn't seem like it would be a good idea to invest in a camera if eight feet ends up being the ideal distance to stand from the camera.

  2. just discovered your channel this morning.. nice stuff!

    just wanted to share, 'asobi' (pronounced "a sewing bee", without the -ing) means "play" or "playing" in japanese.


  3. its unrealistic at some point when u see ar bots walking in air, if kinect  2.0 had something like that it could do the job more acurately and would have nailed it

  4. this is way cool too bad Sony as a whole is going under and doesn't have the money to invest in this technology let alone even still care about it after they dropped it the day it was sent out to store shelf's

  5. A cool touch with the AR Bots is that if you go into the controller and press the touchpad it makes a heavenly sound. The cool part is that sound has a chance to be the PS1 OR PS2 boot-up sound. That's really cool.

  6. I am really enjoying your channel. I bought wii fit u because of your review, and now I wanna try this. 😛

  7. My frenid has a ps4 that looks like a ps1 and it has vr

    Also minecraft

    This is a true story not fake(relly) i like the guy tho

  8. I love your channel , your vids , you and your personality! Great work, keep it up, and I hope you will get to 100k by the end of 2020!

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