Home Game Review PS4 Slim vs Xbox One S – Review (4K)

PS4 Slim vs Xbox One S – Review (4K)


PS4 Slim vs Xbox One S – Which is better?

Xbox One S best price – http://amzn.to/2duYZvE PS4 Slim best price – http://amzn.to/2duWQAn

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  1. Sorry but build quality cannot go with Ps 4 lol. You got good taste? The are USB behind your Xbox so you got 3

  2. I have x1s there shit. Terrible upscaling. Netflix plays everything in hdr which is an issue for sdr Content. The 4k bluray playback is a joke it stutters and sometimes won't play without reseting. Sony may not have a 4k player in there machine, but believe me I will be selling my x1s for the pro and buying a standalone player. I'm done with Microsoft s shitty hardware.

  3. You can set the Xbox One S to start up instantly. Mine takes just a few seconds. But it uses more power apparently.

  4. your definitely missing facts i hope u update this video! =/ 3 USBs on Xbox, and PS4 does support HDR

  5. meh personally not enough exclusives on. microsofts side that attract me and there community is a little stiff! I run into more friendlys on PSN, But i do like the X1 interface!!! Gonna get Pro and stick with PS as my main Gonna rebuy an X1 But it will be a 1S, scorpio may have the most juice but who cares if theres no exclusives that are that interesting! (personally speaking), though man gears does look tempting!!! I agree it sucks that they took away the awesome blue power light at the top! of the slim but its moved onto the pro so its all good! =)

  6. PS4 has 50% faster gpu, compared to XBox One.

    The new XBox One S is a bit faster now, but PS4 is till far superior.

    Many games cannot run at 1080p on the XBox One S, it it is just too weak.

  7. There are about 100 4k Blu-ray movies available right now, and very few of them are AAA titles.

    So the 4k Blu-ray player on the XBox One S doesn't amount to anything. There are few discs available to play. Sony knows that most people will stream 4K, that is why they did not waste money on a 4K Blu-ray player in the PS4.

  8. Liked the PS4 however couldn't get on with the UI, got the new Xbox One S and it's good def like it more than the PS4.

    Just feels right though I may be biased due to owning Xbox and Xbox 360 prior to owning a Playstation.

  9. do u even know what the hell your talking about. the Xbox one s can be up scaled to 4k and you said that it looks better on the ps4

  10. Let me tell you… Ives owned two Xbox ones , they both were meh , when I sold them both and bought a PS4 slim … PS4>Xbox one ?

  11. PS1 > Saturn
    PS2 > Xbox > Dreamcast
    PS3 = Xbox360
    PS4 = XboxOne
    PS4 Slim < XboxOneS
    PS4Pro > XboxScorpio

  12. It's Nice To See People That Seem To Still Enjoy Both Consoles
    I Would Not Prefer Buying ether of them since PS4 Pro is Coming Soon & Project Scorpio Will be coming Next Year
    Unless you really want A new console
    If you already Own A Older PS4 or Xbox One I Would Recommend to hold on to them till the PS4 PRO or Project Scorpio Are released (Depending on your Personal Preference)

  13. PS4 have better exclusives, better graphics and multiplataforms run better on it. Also has HDR.

    PS4 Slim also has less power comsuption and better controler.

  14. I heard the ps4 gets extremely hot after a few hours which is a huge turnoff to gamers that's why it's Not selling well!!!!

  15. Between PSN & Xbox Live which provides a much cleaner/friendlier UI? Between PS Plus & it's Xbox equivalent which provides a cheaper yearly subscription and more "free" & discounted games? In terms of fan noise which is more noisier? In terms of internet connection does one provided much speedier/more stability? I'm asking coz in the next week I'm planning to buy my very first next-gen console and it would be interesting to learn and come out from you. Cheers.

  16. i know this might sound dumb but i just got this system and i notice when i got it out of the box i touched the bottem of it and it feelt loose like when u touch it it moves up and down a little is that normal and is it normal for the rubber feet come off easy thanks

  17. ps4 slim is better because xbox one s you need a battery pack and if your playing games you will have to charge the battery pack but ps4 if your play games and the controller is dead you have to plug a wire in to the controller and you can still playing but I think the consoles are good let me know what consoles you like Sony or Microsoft ☺☺☺

  18. Someone please tell me why they are comparing this? isnt the ps4 slim just a smaller ps4? compare the ps4 pro and xbox 1 s and ps4 will crush

  19. i switched from xbone to ps4 slim and hate it so i had to return the ps.. fan was loud as fuck.. could not believe this. i thought when i buy a ps4 slim it'll be silent and i will be able to play nice exclusives but – please teach me – in my opinion if you're coming from xbox then the ps will be really loud for you

  20. xbox one s looks REALLY sleek, but unfortunately for me it doesn't have the games to justify the purchase.

  21. Hi can you please help me between the Xbox one s or PS4 slim and I'm buying PS4 slim because of my friends and console and I'm buying the Xbox one s because of the controller and games can you please help me?

  22. PS2 = original Xbox
    PS3 fat < Xbox 360 fat
    PS3 slim < Xbox 360 slim
    PS3 super-slim < Xbox 360 E
    PS4 > Xbox one
    PS4 slim < Xbox one slim
    PS4 pro + next 2 generation of ps < Xbox Scorpio
    according to my opinion

  23. ps4 win! its better! guys xbox supporting 4k ok… you buying console for gaming not for movies.. how stupid can be microsoft

  24. i roll with my xb1s for its 4k on movies, the controls are the best, HDR and the free downloads gold membership are better than ps4s plus

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