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PS4 vs. XBOX ONE! CGR video game console deathmatch!


What’s better, the PlayStation 4 or the Xbox One (the 1st one)? Let CGR know here! http://classicgameroom.com/forums/topic/ps4-vs-xbox-one-the-1st-one/
Classic Game Room video game review of Strike Suit Zero: Director’s Cut on PS4 is live here! http://classicgameroom.com/vaultpages/vaultpage/strike-suit-zero-directors-cut-playstation-4/
CGR asks the big questions. PS4 vs. Xbox One (the 1st one), which is the better video game console?

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  1. Troiling at its best.
    Love it!

    Oh and for the record, until more games have been released and the price dropped by 100 to 150 bucks, I'd say XBOX1 :>

  2. Why is this even a question? the answer is obvious. Vectrex is the only realistic option.Β 

  3. lol @ butthurt ps4 fanboys who can't accept that they don't have "the superior console" :')

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  5. I think the original Xbox is better than the PS4 because:
    #1: I like Xbox exclusives like Halo or Fable better than God of War (and other PlayStation exclusives)
    #2: The original Xbox has a CRAPLOAD of homebrew software available for it, which gives it more capability than the PS4 (Like streaming movies over the network from a local PC, browsing the internet, watching YouTube, Hulu, and Netflix, playing games from any console before it through emulation, ripping games from a DVD to the HDD, and much, much more).
    #3: The original Xbox survives a couple Axe blows, while the PS4 shatters apart (yes, I've smashed a non-working PS4 and a non-working original Xbox).
    #4: The original Xbox just looks a helluva lot cooler than the PS4 (especially with a transparent black case with a shiny black Xbox logo that's currenly on my Xbox).

    I've been a exclusive PlayStation fanboy till the PS2, which is when I swiched to Xbox. I swiched from PlayStation because my PS2 started failing after just one year of owning it, and I had to replace it three times, and repair is twelve times. Then I swiched over to the Xbox and been a happy gamer ever since.
    So probably within a few days of posting this, a hundred PlayStation fanboys will have replied with a typical troll comment, arguing about why the PS4 is better based on a few facts they heard online (like "DA PS4 HAZ A TRAKPAD!"), and a bunch of uneducated BS. But hopefully PS4 fanboys won't do what I just mentioned, and will instead complement the quality of all the CGR videos.

  6. The xbox actually doesnt weigh 30 pounds, i actually weighed mine once and it weighed 8 pounds

  7. PS4 is the better console overall.. I've been pleased with Infamous 2nd son and Helldivers and hopefully will be with Bloodbourne very soon too. Xbox One have had a bumpy road first with their DRM BS, then with that god awful mandatory kinect, which jacked up the price for no good reason.. They're learning though, but with major exclusives who've been a moderate fail such as Ryse, Titanfall and Dead Rising 3 I see them going no where fast. This is from a guy who came from the 360 no less and LOVED it… That being said, if we don't start to see some amazing next gen games and good exclusives soon, then the 8th generation is gonna end up a fail regardless of Console…..

  8. Right now I like the X BOX 1 (the original) more tan PS4.. aside the games you mentionedΒ  I like very much the two KOTOR, the twi OTOGI games, Blinx, Fable, Panzer Dragoon OrtaΒ and many many more games only available on the Xbox 1.
    Β It seems that not many saw the video………. O_O

  9. one winner, xbox one and left for dead 3 coming soon. Also xbox for the ability to play ur own music during a game.

  10. Xbox 1 is better just because is more durable, better looking and once you softmod it, you almost have a mini PC with shitload emulators and a freagging lot of very nice games like Crazy Taxi 3, Panzer Dragoon Orta, Mechassault etc.

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