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The publishing industry is getting more contemporary looking these days. Those old methods are slowly disappearing. Today the work is fast and seen online.

Writers are going online for writing, and it is very important to create your own website. If you are a new budding writer and pondering about how to publish and promote your book, and get profit, then here we will discuss the process. There are certain questions which you must ask to get answers like:

  • Why generate a site?
  • What you should include on you website?
  • How to start it?
  • Where to look for any help to create website?
  • How to find right resources on website?

Today, the publishing business is facing a danger of new age gadgets. This does not mean writers and the writing business is vanishing. It means that it is getting a new look. The business is transferring itself to the next digital level. Today, customers are opting for electronic means for knowledge. Therefore, even the writing industry has to follow the trend in order to survive.

Around 15 to 20 years back, in order to publish your book, you needed to first hire a literary agent, and then get a publisher, and then your book will go into print. After that comes the marketing sector, and so on and so forth. It was a lengthy and painful job. Today, in order to get the book published, you just need to go online open your account on the concerning site and publish your work. It is easy and fast. You can invite friend or send links to friends across the world and market your work with good profits eventually.

If you have not yet tried this and are reading this article, then it is a time to use this marketing strategy. Internet is the platform, which gives you unbelievably huge audience across the globe. You have an option to market your work on local or international level. It is a very assuring medium and gets significant profits from it.

Internet Business Marketing:

You must make sure that you know different means on internet by which you can market your work. There are many more options you can follow along with creating your own website. There are various other platforms for business marketing:

  • Website
  • Blogs
  • Press Releases
  • Networking
  • Marketing Research
  • Email Marketing
  • Advertising

Internet Business marketing gives you all the possible opportunities to get in touch with audience which could get your work recognized and create a pool of investors and customers. Creating a website is very important to make your work visible to people. The website is your place where you can post your work, write your experiences in creating it, get reviews and testimonials from your audience and do better to get into hearts of customers. It is the place where you can attract publishers. You can use your website for:

  • Displaying your resume
  • You can give your profile with name, address, mail contact, titles, etc.
  • You can describe your work, your writing niche like academic, business, creative, public, politics, marketing, business, journalistic, etc.
  • You can publish your work as a sample with full articles, blogs, reviews, and other features which can be published for free.
  • You can create links which will take the customer to your website; you can add it on other websites.
  • You must give option to the visitors to go through your work.

Today, the writing profession has got many channels to flourish. You can use eBooks, which are very cost effective and readers get to see your work very easily. You can sell the digital book online and gain profit. You will get huge audience and profits online. There are very successful websites that globally provide you a platform to publish your work, promote it, and give a very good amount of profits.

So now becoming a published writer has become more realistic. The dramatic growth of these sources has given unlimited access to book lovers and writers, and the turnover of revenue has reached to millions. This is rather amazing fact. You will come across many writers who have successfully published their book online, and gained huge fortunes from them. Get ready to be one of them now.

By Claretta T Pam

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