Home Game Review Quantum Break Xbox One Special Edition Console Unboxing (Bundle)

Quantum Break Xbox One Special Edition Console Unboxing (Bundle)


Quantum Break Xbox One Special Edition Console Unboxing (Bundle)

Xbox One 500GB Console – Special Edition Quantum Break Bundle

500GB hard drive Cirrus White Xbox One console
Physical copy of Quantum Break
Full game download of Alan Wake
Xbox One Cirrus White Wireless Controller
14-day trial of Xbox Live Gold
AC Power Cable and HDMI Cable

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  1. I know, but some people says that GameStop comes with quantum break actual game copy with the Xbox one bundle but I'm not sure about that, but anyways, nice videos I guess your my top favorite YouTuber

  2. How long till the $300 deal goes away? I am hoping to wait till a pay i get on May 5th but if the deal will Disappear i would like to know.

  3. I got a quantum break faceplate skin for my Xbox one with the particle effect looks nice but my console isn't white unfortunately

  4. Looks pretty cool I would upgrade my 360 to the xbox one but the no mans sky game coming out for the ps4 is really hard to pass up on and since my friends play on ps4 I think it would make sense for me to get that instead.

  5. im a playstation fan but it is good that microsoft realised that collectors-console bundles with digital game code is so sad and cheap

  6. I pre-ordered at GameStop, but I did not get a steelbook. I really want one! Should I go to GameStop and ask why?

  7. Did you get this from Microsoft store? I just ordered mine was wondering how long it took to ship

  8. Pretty sweet. I might just go ahead and grab an Xbox One finally. Quantum break looks awesome, and I barely got into my copy of Alan Wake back in the day. And price seems right as well.

  9. do you know how long they are gonna have this limited edition xbox one? +GF SirJames I Gamerfuzion

  10. Are you a pro member for gstop? if you are, did you get points for getting the xbox or do you only get points for getting pre owned stuff?

  11. I am thinking of going over to the Xbox One if they launch a new slim version at E3 this year. Got a PS4 but it's just too noisy (where I have it), and i have been very very very unimpressed with the 'free' games on PSN Plus. Plus other reasons.

  12. I bought this white Xbox one with quantum break, and here in the uk you get a digital download of quantum break and not a physical copy ….which sucks

  13. I got this Xbox one today and it did not come with a head set is that good or bad?

  14. Please HELP!I want to buy Quantum Break for Xbox One.But don't know ,run at 1080p?(if only 720p,i don't buy now)

  15. I bought the exact same XBOX but it had a game voucher.And ALAN WAKE does not save game progress.

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