Home Movie Review Question Woman Formal Comedian-Con Trailer (2017) – Gal Gadot Film

Question Woman Formal Comedian-Con Trailer (2017) – Gal Gadot Film


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Starring: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright
Question Woman Formal Comedian-Con Trailer (2017) – Gal Gadot Film

An Amazon princess leaves her island dwelling to investigate the environment, and results in being the biggest of its heroes.

:forty four Danny Huston is most probably a villain in the movie. He could be Ares in disguise
:55 We’re not rather confident who this female is nonetheless, while she’s performed by Elena Anaya. Just one principle is that she’s the Question Woman villain Baroness Paula von Gunther. She could also be Silver Swan/Valerie Beaudry who was deformed from radiation exposure in the comedian.
1:fifteen Robin Wright rides forth to kick ze ass. She plays Goddess Typical Antiope, AKA: Question Woman’s aunt.
1:24 All those are German troops she’s preventing. The movie normally takes place through Entire world War 1.
2:04 Ooo the Golden Lasso! Also recognised as The Lasso of Reality or The Magic Lasso of Aphrodite. Initially, anyone it captured experienced to obey and tell the truth of the matter.

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  2. 1st ever wonder woman movie….. i just cant wait …… love Gal playing role of Amazon princess…

  3. Wonder Woman have a lot of screen time and i saw her in Batman VS Superman Down Of Justice and now she have her own movie so this might be meaning something in the future it will have Wonder Woman 2 , Wonder Woman 3 , Wonder Woman 4 and Wonder Woman return because all of the D. C Superhero movie can have more than 3 series and some of them will have a remake , but for me Christmas also will be the next stories for Wonder Woman and if you watch Batman return you might know what is i talking about , so 2019 it might have Wonder Woman 2 but for me i believe in the next two year Christmas will be a scene for all the Superhero movie just like Batman Return and Iron Man 3 .

  4. the Trailer is so cool and awesome big fan of D. C when i watch the Wonder Woman and a short screen time of her battle clip her movement remind me of Bad Blood and when she go up and face the Villain i have Bad Blood in my mind

  5. Is it possible to determine whether she's sitting at the cockpit or on the toilet aboard her invisible jet plane?

  6. After what Snyder deliverd in BvS, this will be first on my watchlist for 2017. Can't wait. Curious of what drives her to abandon humankind

  7. flash is on crack
    zoom zoom more crack wowzers super speed from super crack dont call me flash call me the crack flash

  8. oh ok i never Wonder Woman have her own Logo and is W so that logo might meaning something about this Superhero but we already how did she fight because this female Superhero is be show up at Batman VS Superman: Down Of Justice first time when i saw this Trailer i was Surprised , but than after 3 or 5 day i find out Wonder Woman is going to have movie 2 and movie 3 after this one .

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