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Quoridor Review – with Ryan Metzler


Ryan examines this abstract strategy game

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  1. This is a much better game than the review made it sound. While it is easy to learn the rules, this is not an easy game to master. Experienced players have a significant advantage over new player. This can be adjusted for, however, by giving the experienced player less fences. For two evenly matched players the game normally comes down to one bad move that is exploited which makes the difference in who wins and who looses.

  2. Because the games are quick though, it its a huge deal when you make a bad move. Once we recognize that there is no way for another play to make up the difference we just declare the winner and start a new game. I have played up to two dozen games with my dad in one sitting. If you like abstract games that will make you think but not be a complete brain burner would recommend this one.

  3. @took2long Oh no doubt. That is definitely why i stated that the game just wasn't for me, and probably had a significant more to it than I was getting.

  4. Nice review, though I disagree with your assessment of the two player game. I've played it dozens of times with two players and there's a pretty shocking level of subtlety in the timing and placement of fences. It's a game where even one space to one side or the other matters tremendously, and knowing when a "trap" is breakable and when it isn't is a tremendous part of the game. Setting up effective cul-du-sacs ahead of time is hard against a wiley opponent.

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