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Railroad Crossing 2 Android Game Review


Google Play link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.HighbrowInteractive.RailroadCrossing2

Railroad Crossing 2 Is a Challenging Simulation Game for Android

Railroad Crossing 2 is a challenging new Android title that’s both fun and addicting to play.

Developed by Highbrow Interactive, it’s the much anticipated sequel to a game that was the first of its kind and one simulation game you won’t want to put down.

Something I noticed about Railroad Crossing 2 is that the menu is well-organized and there are plenty of game modes for you to enjoy. Players can currently access the Challenge and Endless modes, and multiplayer is under development.

Railroad Crossing 2 gives you the choice between playing through cities in India and the United States. In order to unlock the latter, you must upgrade to the full version of the game or complete 20 levels in India. The game zips by pretty fast, so it shouldn’t take you long to hit the level requirement.

Gameplay is very simple and straightforward; operate the gates so that cars can pass freely without getting hit by trains. Each level has requirements that must be met in order for you to complete it successfully, such as the number of cars that have successfully crossed the tracks. The level terminates if a train hits a car.

One of the things I like the most about Railroad Crossing 2 is the fact that there are currently 80 levels to play through if you unlock both countries.

With each level averaging a minute or two, the game tends to play through quickly, but there are always ways to move up the leaderboard and increase your ranking. You don’t necessarily have to play each level only once.

My favorite aspect of Railroad Crossing 2 is the fact that players can choose between a variety of game modes instead of being forced to play one way. This makes the game challenging and gives developers the opportunity to expand the game without sacrificing quality.

Railroad Crossing 2 is available to download from Google Play for free. Players can purchase the full version upgrade for $2, which gives instant access to all USA levels and disables ads. Personally I didn’t find the ants to be incredibly intrusive, but it’s definitely a perk to be able to disable them.

Overall, Railroad Crossing 2 is a simulation game that adds a new twist to the genre. It focuses more on problem-solving skills and quick thinking rather than testing just how fast you can push a button.

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