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Razer Sabertooth Wired Xbox 360 and Computer system Controller


Luke took a glance at the Razer Sabertooth Xbox 360 and Computer system wired controller. Typical Xbox 360 controllers are a mainstay in a good deal of Computer system gamers’ arsenals, and are substantially additional cost-effective than the Sabertooth… Do the additional features justify its substantial cost?

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  1. My Sabertooth broke after less than a 100 hours use (on Dark Souls 2) around 3 months of purchase. The RB stuck and the Left analog is loose. It's the last Razer product that I bought, and I will never buy any of their product again.

  2. This joystick are not working very well in GTA5 many time's i've experience malfunctioned in my computer and need a restart to function again and no settings update in synapse such a waste of money not worth it.

  3. It does support PC for Stream Xbox One! Huge Plus+, it's possible support Xbox One but I'm might be wrong.

  4. hopefully the bumpers arent junk like on the onza…returned three of those with the same issue till i gave up

  5. People often complain about the trigger getting of. i guess ill buy a standard pc controller and save 50$

  6. I'm running the not shitty to Content Creators version of AdBlock, YouTube Red! Thanks, Google Play Music. :p

  7. My cable broke within 6 months.. wasted $60.. I know there are cheap replacement cables but why would i waste 12 more dollars on an old gen controller

  8. I regret buying this controller, the cable broke after 8 months of use. And the worst thing is – Razer does not sell them separately.

    I have some 2$ Chinese clones of playstation dualshock controllers that still work for years and their cables are fine.

  9. I bought one in December 2015 and I used it like 4 to 5 times. From January to March, I didn't use it. In March, I tried using it but it didn't connect/turn on. When I plug it in(I tried all usb slots) the a,b,x,y buttons flashed (on and off) and then they just stop. I contacted Razer support and they answered me for a month, then they just never answered me. I've been waiting for about 5 months for them to answer! Why does my controller do this?

  10. I had this controller for over a year when i used to play xbox… no complaints (apart from the left trigger would randomly activate) i loved this and would buy it over a scuf any day. it all ended when the cable broke… it wasnt the actual CABLE that broke it was the rubber bit at the end that broke off

  11. The D pad and the very responsive x y b a buttons are amazing for mortal kombat or other fighting games

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