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Re-Dyed Car Leather: Beware car owners and detailers alike!


Darren takes you on location to review the car leather dye job inside this Mercedes E class. Re-dyed car leather comes with certain risks when it comes to cleaning and maintaining. Watch as Darren highlights the signs of detecting car leather that has been re-dyed.
For a comprehensive understanding of the many varieties of car leather, see this link:
For comprehensive info regarding the cleaning of car leather upholstery going from simple to heavy duty cleaning, see this link:

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  1. Heres just a cool idea I thought of for a video series, you could create a series of videos of what you should do to take care of your personal car, like weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, every 6 months, and yearly maintenance needed to keep your car looking great. just something I though of while watching this. 

  2. So do you suggest to not "re dye" your leather or vinyl? And how would you explain to an customer that suggests they wanted re dye

  3. I'm looking at buying a second-hand BMW convertible and was originally looking for basic leather care video's. I had no idea they 're-paint' the seats to make them look nicer. Thanks for the info! I will definitely be keeping an eye out for the fine details that you've pointed out! 

  4. My god this Fucktard loves to hear himself speak . If your such a Professional then go do your Job! Sociopath…

  5. Have you heard of ColorBond leather paint? I haven't seen many reviews on it. There is one detailed thread in a BMW forum where one of the members painted his seats and trim black. They say it's unique and it penetrates rather than sits on the surface. Again, that thread could be endorsing the product and misleading people on its independent review claim. What do you think? Is it possible that something like that exists and is as claimed?

    PS. The company claims they have OEM certification from various companies like Ford and GM.

  6. What a load of pooooo. I'm a leather technician, I dye seats. Why do you have to be gentle? Cuz you don't know what you're talking about maybe!! a redyed finish, if done right is better than factory. I have NEVER had anyone come back to me and complain. If it's paint what does it stick too?? Exactly, it's dye. Like a previous comment stated, you love to hear yourself talk!!!!!!!!!!

  7. So how do you clean redeyed leather seats? My seats were redeyed and no matter what I use to clean them yheres always color transfer and the part that I cleaned would look faded .plz help

  8. I repair leather,vinyl,cloth etc and also do wheel repair. We are not PAINTING anything if you put paint on a seat I'm sure it will come off and you say it's no way possible to do what the factory did?? I carry nothing but OEM dye. I'm not knocking your work or making videos saying you don't know how cleaning products work, so why knock a interior repair guy? I would love to send you a piece of leather or vinyl that I have put dye on and would like for you to video taking it off. ??

  9. As a former 8 year professional detailer and 9 year ase/icar certified painter and current 10 year upholstery shop owner I can use my professional knowledge and say, leather can and will loose its grain/texture from excessive use and cleaning. Also unpainted untouched leather will where through.

  10. I can agree a little bit but if you strip the seat down good, I have something that grabs the dye and I run a top coat over the dye just to name a couple! No you cannot show up and spray dye and go, shit won't last at all! But if you up for the challenge you can send me a piece of leather or vinyl and I will shoot some dye and you put all the chemicals in the world on it ??

  11. I have seen factory leather color wear off in less than 3 years on fords and mercedes. I have seen dye jobs last 7+ years. Would you consider the original color paint or dye? It is also sprayed and sits on top of the leather.

  12. Well shit, and I thought someone just took good care of the seats… its a 99 town car and the seats looked like new, and it just started to wear down, now I know the truth :/

  13. Those seats have probably not been looked after and not maintained properly resulting in cracks wearing and colour removal. Nearly all car seats are "Painted" they are finished with a sealer and eventually that finish can wear through and crack. When valeting or detailing it important to start with the least aggressive method and cleaners you can, if those don't work then step it up a bit. The Mercedes seats were probably in a right state as your video shows the seats seem to have extensive filler added, probably to cover bad cracking and wear but cost wise saved the owner having to purchase new seats so would be very cost effective and would look for the most part original. the moral is to maintain your seats just as you would your mechanicals.

  14. Oh and as for the steering wheel it can easily be refinished by a competent detailer or leather specialist to look like new and last a good few more years.

  15. So seats ripped on a used car… And they fixed it as well as possible without replacing the entire seat…. Rather than let it rip further. The repainted area will in most cases be as durable as the rest of it. Most leathers are painted from the factory…

  16. you are just cleaning cars and yes you have to careful about the dye because thre are people how doesnt do the job right however the way you describe the prosess of repair the seat withou repace it sound like those people are ripping off the costumer like scam but is like describe your job you only put soap and water to thhe car and maybe swing a buffer with some product that you brougth in some detail truck but you call it proffesional car detailer because you put a brush between a gap .see depends how you describe things sonds like crap you only wash cars . however there more then than in to it right?

  17. I am a Leather tech, for starters the steering wheel CAN be re-coloured for your info. Done right it will NOT wear off in a few weeks! Secondly no professional leather tech I know of uses harsh chemicals like acetone either! Nor do they sand off the texture.
    The leather is prepared first, we do NOT use paint pal, we use Leather dyes which absorb into the leather. A protective top coat is applied to protect the finish.
    Personnaly speaking your maggywires crap is probably doing more harm to the leather than anything else with your excessive cleaning. You do NOT know what you're talking about, stick to your bucket of soapy water. Bye the way, you might advise the owner of the vehicle to call a PROFESSIONAL for some correct advice on care for his Leather seats mate. They're probably de-hydrated for starters and your probably making that worse as well.

  18. Ok so I don't get the point of the video? Even if it doesn't look as good as OEM and frankly I don't think anyone would expect it to? It looks much better than discolored cracking and frankly gave them longer life and OEM replacement would be off the charts expensive if you could even get them? So reconditioning the leather is the way to go until a complete replacement is required anyway. and without paying through the nose on that they won't come out looking OEM.

  19. I'll disagree with your premise, that because the leather changed from pebbled/grained/embossed/textured. to SMOOTH, that the leather had been dealt with prior.  Take a look at the underside of your forearm and tell me it's the same as your elbow as you move around your arm.  TOTALLY different skin texture.  The nice distinctive with leather is just that, it's NATURAL and each piece is different and unique.  Full grain is different that top grain, etc.  And even if that seat HAD been dealt with, it's no real issue and even the most discriminating owner would not notice, nor pay it any attention. You're straining at gnats, and I won't even bother to view the rest of your video.  Ha…and you title it "BEWARE" as if there's a problem, lol.

  20. hello i damaged the colour of my leather car seats puting too much dish soap..what can i do to fix them..can you help me?

  21. There's such a thing called graining pads, for use when you repair cracks with filler you can match the original grain. Clearly this wasn't done on this Mercedes, however I'm sure you clean cars from time to time that you haven't the slightest clue they've been repaired and/or re-dyed. Professional dye appears to be just a can of paint to everyone else, but it is truly dye that does absorb into the leather IF properly prepped. So BEWARE of this inexperienced detail guy I say. He will tell you to spend big $$$$ to replace your leather when you could spend 3 or 400 on a good re-dye job and get 10 more years of use. And you don't use soapy water after its done. It's still leather and water will still lead to dehydration. Use a leather conditioner. If the jobs done right the dye won't come off.

  22. that's what 'finished' leather is, a color applied to the outside. not dyed all the way through. Also you seal the leather after you apply the die. if all else fails, recovering a seat is not hard…

  23. Lots of naysayers on here, but thanks for posting this video. You made some valid points and I learned something new.

  24. this fella is making a video to show the car owner and then offer to buy the car for a lower asking price than they want

  25. Those seats are likely not even leather. Mercedes uses what they call MB Tex as standard on their seats which is fake leather. No one is going to sit there and look so close to see if one portion of the seat is flat vs grained anyway, as long as there's no tears and the color is matched, especially since that's a 12 year old car now.

  26. leather grains aren't always consistent, especially in the automotive industry. Rolls Royce is very particular, they only use leather from bulls, because cows get pregnant and the skin stretches. and they inspect every single piece of leather. Mercedes won't do that. Dyes aren't paint, they soak into the leather because leather has pores. those seats were probably dyed improperly, I've seen people use lacquer thinner and paint to "fix" seats. I've never seen dye flake off.

  27. I had this problem on my Audi A 8. Colorado Glo repaired it and it looks and feels as good as her Darren. Regards Peter in Dublin Ireland

  28. My girlfriend is a porn star.  She said she got her a-hole dyed.  I said no way baby . . . you got that shit painted!

  29. I really appreciate this video. I'm looking at vintage leather sofas, wondering about re-dyeing. Think I won't.

  30. I really think your putting out some negative information about an industry. Not sure why you have chosen to leave this video up. Steering wheels and leather seats can the refinished professionally and the jobs if done correctly will last as long as a factory finish. No they dont last forever. Not even the factory finish does. Every thing suffers from wear and tear, including your detail jobs. It would take years for my color to wear on steering wheel. Most likely longer than it took for the factory finish to wear off. High wear performance topcoats and cross linker go a long way. Not to mention the special use of sticky primer in areas such as steering wheels which are subjected to high wear, and high amounts of skin oils. There is plenty you do not know about the industry your speaking of. Please dont attack an industry you know little about. There are bad people and bad repairs in every industry that doesnt mean the industry does not provide a quality service. Ive read all the comments below. I seen "spray paint" mentioned. Yep it happens. No its not the industry standard. No we dont all use cans or airless sprayers.(im not even sure what an airless sprayer is haha) I use a spray gun hooked up to a air compressor. By the way i could do a job with paper towels that you couldnt clean off … Mobile detailing industry- What if someone made a video talking about all the horrible things that have happened in mobile detailing. Or just one similar to what you just made. Well you know that you dont do those things, but yet your industry as a whole gets to go live on youtube and rouse suspicions. Ive liked a lot of your videos, and had fun watching them, but this isnt cool. I love my career in the industry that your attacking. I have been repairing leather, vinyl, cloth, and plastics for 6 years. Trained by people who've done it for 50. This video should come down, or at least be updated. Think about it.

  31. Cancer rate is growing like no another. All the carcinogenic fumes from these chemicals are evaporated and inhaled while you are inside the car. After some years, feeling of discomfort force you to visit physician and few tests are done. Doctor office calls for follow-up. You show up at the doctors office having a hunch of something not right. BAM! Bad news and start making arrangements! These chemicals inside the car pose one of the biggest risks on our body since heat due to radiation during summer can shoot up and cause these chemicals to breakdown and evaporate. It is a slow process, but these chemicals will accumulate in your body having disastrous affect!

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