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Your brand digital presence is dependent on successful reputation development and getting more reviews than your competition. Transparent marketing is the next generation of marketing. Where your customers find you instead of you finding the customers. Everyone reads online reviews about your business before deciding to call you for a quote or use your services.

If you’re not visible on Google then you don’t exist. Google is responsible for nearly 90% of online, mobile and organic search traffic worldwide which leaves Bing and Yahoo in its dust cloud.

The problem is most business owners are standing on the shore wondering where all the fish are or why are the fish going to your competitor down the street. Then some business owners start to think “am I using the right bait, the right fishing pole” or even if they are in the right pond?

That’s where we come in to make you more visible on Google so the fish aka customers can find you. In today’s fast changing market the customers are finding you vs. you finding them. You remember back in the early 2000s when BlockBuster had the opportunity to buy Netflix, but didn’t and failed to see the trends of mail order and video-on-demand services and later went bankrupt. The trends for local visibility, authority and gathering and marketing reviews is here, whether you take advantage of it or not.

We can get your local business, franchise or multi-location units more visibility, more reviews and get found in Google search for your industry. We do 90% of the work and we will walk you through the 10% that we simply can’t do for you. Visit www.rebelfishlocal.com or call us at 619-800-5320.

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