Home Car Review Regular Car Reviews: 1966 Plymouth Barracuda

Regular Car Reviews: 1966 Plymouth Barracuda


A gentleman’s GT Car that looks best from the rear. Thank you to Ted Stoltz for helping with photography.

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  1. Your narrative is total Bullshit about Portland. Assumptions everywhere. Not very funny which is what you obviously were trying to be. Gone for good.FU.

  2. No no ding dong, You never rode in this thing with a 4- speed and a 340. Gogira ( godzilla) and the original drift machine . Stomp throttle, drop clutch and it screamed— sideways EVERYTIME. Do your homework, the original tazmanian devil an absolute hoot to drift, the power kept it in perpetual drift. A precursor and damed entertaining, unlike your mouth and videos. Why not do some fishing, you always get these vids wrong; just wrong dummy.

  3. Ouuuh so well sais RCR, this sentence, it's not the future, it is the way back home…. yeaah I know that feeling.

  4. Was a kid in the 60’s when a neighbor had one and everyone of me and my friends wanted to ride in the hatch under the window

  5. Wasted oportunity to make a parody with Heart's Barracuda. I'm dissapointed 🙁

  6. I feel like the stop-motion at 3:55 probably took more time and effort than all the filming, editing, researching, narrating, planning, searching, coordinating, and so on that went into the entire rest of the video. Is that a bad thing? No.

  7. Portland is simultaneously wealthy and filthy. It’s citizens are the most caring and progressive in the nation but yet have an insane number of homeless and drug addicts. They care so much bout their values that they forget to care about the people.

  8. Enjoyed the vid but the car needs the rear end lowered a bit. Raised rear looks awkward.

    Thanks for not pronouncing Jaguar as Jag-WIRE.

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