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Regular Car Reviews: 1970 Opel GT


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  1. Fun fact whenever I say anything about opel he will always say, “oh! My friend from high school had an Opel GT!”

  2. you need to review a manta A. they were also imported to the us and the Manta is a legend in germany. or come to Germany and experience the Manta B.

  3. Damn, that would be a great car with a modern, high-output small engine in it. I'll bet it would scoot with 170 HP or so of high revving 4 cyl…

  4. Disposable cars & bikes of the ‘70s. Kawasaki HP 2 anyone ? The voice over on this clip needs more help than the mechanicals. Sick.

  5. American….❓
    It's a German car Opal is and has always been Germany.
    The gt was tuned down for the American market.

  6. This review seems kind of biased and half assed. Since this is a German car made for German markets where it quickly gained cult status, Comparing it to the American markets of the 1970s and its automotive competition in the us is missing the point. Would have liked to see the history of this car instead.

  7. FYI, I had a white 1970 Opel GT with the auto trans.This car SCREAMED ! I had it to 120 mph ,and I`m sure it could have gone 140.The auto trans car would chirp the tired going into second gear,and it drove like a dream

  8. Wow does that car look narrow. Like, narrower than an NA Miata. Still, kind of cool looking, and I think definitely a style of its time.

  9. How did the car have enough power for AC option? I have one of these cars, and you don't see many of them on the road any longer.

  10. I used to have six Opel GTs (one from each model year). When I decided to go back to college and start a new career, I sold all of them except the 1968. Unfortunately, that one later got stolen from me.

  11. I don't think I've ever laughed so hard so quickly at a video. It's like a quickest knockout in the UFC.

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