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Regular Car Reviews: 1978 Mercedes Benz 300CD W123


When a Mercedes was a MERCEDES!

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  1. I had the second generation of this car it was called a 500 SEC and it was fast I had mine up to a 140 mph and I still felt like I had a passing gear

  2. This thing is amazing. A car that can't be killed. In Europe, especially in smaller towns, four-door diesels stood as a taxi even at the beginning of the 2000s. They weren't sensitive to fuel quality like modern turbodiesels. Everything was pouring in: heating oil, cooking oil, kerosene, oil "saved" by the truck drivers, tractor drivers and combine harvesters.
    Even if the un-galvanized body has already rusted and broke, the engine went to the Volga or UAZ. Engine with mileage often 300-400,000 km. It drove further and was scrapped with the entire Volga, from which it was 10 years older πŸ™‚ My neighbor had a Mercedes W123 engine in the FSO Warszawa 203 car. She was doing well, even pulling a trailer. Already then it was about a 30-year-old car and most of them were scrapped already but with a Mercedes engine it got a new life.
    Nothing was wasted from an old Mercedes. It really was a car in service until the end of its technical death. Nobody gave them away for scrap because of their frills just because they wanted a new one. Mercedes 123 "clatter" was to do the job, wind the kilometers, earn money.
    And it did. They don't make such machines anymore.

  3. my neighbor had a diesel chevette. that was the loudest diesel I had ever heard until my dad got a cummins 5.9 with a straight pipe LOL

  4. These cars are even better looking with Euro spec HID headlights, not those silly US DOT sealed beam circles, plus you get clear corners too.

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  6. But on the highway, oh how wonderful. Everything, the seats, visibility, wipers, lights, the ride, everything

  7. I talked to so many MBZ mechanics about diesel W123s over the years. They talked about it like Scotty Kilmer talks about Toyota. They said if you don't have a motor last over 300k in this you must be the biggest negligent moron owner ever. Pretty much the most bulletproof car you can buy they said.

  8. I drove one of these a few months ago. It was in rough shape and ended up selling at the auction block for something like 300 dollars due to it's rough shape. The seat needs to be reattached, the shifter needed to be tightened, the rear end was kinda clunky, and it was slower than slow. But now having driven G-Wagons and high end B and C-class sedans, I would much rather have that older car. The new cars are suuuper nice, comfy, and drive well (aside from the G-Wagon), and the sterios are *hnnnggg*, but there's a certain feel and class about the old Mercedes that just can't be reconstructed. My father's old Dodge 400 convertible has the old, personal luxury car smell, but the 400 is still just a fancied up K-Car underneath and it shows with age. The old Mercedes don't show that they have simple underpinnings because they don't. It stays classy no matter how far it deteriorates…
    Marvelous car.

  9. That generation of Mercedes non-turbo Engines [either Petrol or Diesel] are virtually indestructible. And the car itself is extremely strong, as in it is safer than most modern subcompact and compact cars.

  10. In order for a current Benz to run in 40 years, they'll need to have a LS conversion and a severe extraction of plastic parts.

    Benz was something special until about the late 1980s. It was a car that you expected to last no matter how someone drove it, and you heard terms like "engines made like swiss watches". Now they're money pits.

  11. If you know how to drive it, you will drive it fast! That car is corner chief, it will tilt on one side but it will also follow his track! And. Don't drive fuc*ing automatic and you will see what that engine is capable of..that's not race car but it can manage 21 century traffic with no problems

  12. Your not Jim Carrey and to old to act like a sarcastic kid if you would act normal you’d have something

  13. This car won't get you from A to B fast, but throw a couple apocalypse in between and you'll still arrive in B with an oil change stop

  14. My father had a 280 Mercedes Benz in the mid-'70s and it had A/C. All his cars from that decade had A/C (Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme, Olimpia Princess RR, Citroen SM, Land Rover).

  15. Fun Fact! did y'all know the W126 Mercedes uses the same turn signal as a Freightliner FLD120 Semi?

  16. I have one of these. 1979 300d but i dont always have to fix it? I just do basic matinence. Alot of stuff is broje because the cars so fucking old mostly rotten lines lol om over 500k on my benz

  17. Ive got one of these with US spec bumpers and Euro spec headlights in Mimosa yellow, its so fucking cool

  18. I daily drive a '78 Mercedes 300D, and she's DEFINITELY slow… But she always gets me where I need to go in comfort, and style.

  19. My family bought a brand 280E in 1978. It was a great car. Passed my driving test in it and took various girls on dates in it. The only issue was the vacuum door locks. They broke a few times in 8 years.

  20. I just got a 240d 4 speed manual with 180k miles and has some rust but this is my absolute dream car when I was in middle and high school of 2013. Now I'm 25 and finally got my dream car I'm happy with this

  21. Never seen one of those early climate control units. Hysterical! To this day, 2020, I've never understood the laziness of people who can't turn it on/off, temp up/down. Once per car trip? Maybe 2x during winter?? Honda had the best, straightforward controls on their cars for decades. Other systems/brands puzzle me. Thermodynamics laughs at "dual" zone climate controll, too! Ha,ha,ha

  22. My Dad was in California with a bunch of stuff we wanted to bring back to PA, and the only car he could get was a brown 300D, and he loaded it up with so much stuff, the suspension was bottomed out, and then parked a Vespa on top, and that car drove all the way to PA, and didn't break down once.

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