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Regular Car Reviews: 1987 Subaru BRAT


More hipster than a Volvo 240. This car was made in Japan but never released in Japan, making it the Star Tropics of automobiles.

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  1. Speaking from personal experience, if your the type of person that has to poop after eating. This is the best video to watch at the end of your lunch.

  2. Grew up wanting a Brat when I was young for those seat. Closest I could get when I grew up was a Baja turbo and I loved that car. Truck. Whatever it was.
    Still wish I could have had seats in the bed though.

  3. Grr. Remember these as a little kid. BRAT! I thought that a rather STUPID name. Then I considered the body style. PUKE would have been more honest.

  4. Seat belts were optional, mine used to have them, then some bogan cut em out and burned the seats, so I cant get those pieces of shit again

  5. Well here in Oregon you can ride in the back of a truck you just have to sit on the floor of the bed and be over 18 years of age

  6. Tap and die set > Half a bag of dried plums. Bring back the Dodge Avenger review for chrissakes!

  7. 1. I've always wondered how much of RCR's material was just spontaneous stream-of-conscious, vs scripted. I guess this cinches it.
    2. World War Brown > HOT DICKS HOT DICKS HOT DICKS….

  8. If this thing has 250,000 miles I wish you would say so if it never had anything rebuilt. That would explain the engine transmission and steering.

  9. Sporty Japanese answer to the Ranchero and El Camino. Not a car, but not a truck… (Archer quote)"Vehicular hermaphrodite"

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