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Regular Car Reviews: 1988 Ford Thunderbird Turbo Coupe


The black sheep of the Fox Bodies.

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  1. I'm just gonna come right out and say it; one of my bucket list/dream jobs would be to write and voice record the copy for some RCR reviews. Maybe you'll see this message one day Mr. RCR or Mr. Roman, and you'll think "Hey. Let's give this rando with a giant green eyeball for a profile picture a chance. What could possibly go wrong?" Then I receive a message/email from one of you, offering the chance to prove my worthiness. We exchange communication about possible hints and leads to understand the social dynamics behind the car that the channel will be reviewing, then I come up with something that puts that long-frowning smile on your faces, you know, the one where your upper and lower lip fold inward and press together, and you nod your head in amazement and say something to the gist of "That's actually pretty good. I'm impressed." and maybe then, just maybe, I can fulfill one of my pleasures; cars. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. I'mma hit that comment button now.

  2. so something you guys should know, this was a high fallutin car in 1987. None of us could afford one. I was there, but I have never sat insise one. One of my classmates had an 84 Turbo Coupe, but his parents were rich. I drove a 77 F-250 that didn't have one body panel without a dent. just how times were.

  3. I remember driving an automatic Thunderbird SVO and it was heavy and slow, never went above 160k/hr…, then the SC came out and that was a different story

  4. My head hurts from the rapid fire presentation/narration and it made me really not care halfway through. Bla bla bla…like without taking a breath. Amateurs for sure

  5. Ford created a group to make the best damn sedan in the world and they succeeded: i.e. the Taurus. OK, later they got another group together and ordered them to revive the Thunderbird in name and spirit. They failed. The car came in hundreds of pounds overweight and thus thousands of bucks too expensive. The 'new' T-Bird never was like the old classic T-Bird of 1955-57 fame. A pity, as cars like that produce as much profit as much larger lines like econocars etc…

  6. Sounds more like you have a manpussy crush! I bet you’ll go wild in that hairy musty smelly manpussy!!!

  7. My parents had the maroon 88 with the 5spd. It was a fun car till the turbo bearings final wore out 8 years later.

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