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Regular Car Reviews: 1991 Nissan D21 Hardbody


Why can’t we have small pickup trucks in the USA? Oh yea, Chicken-Tax.

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  1. Got one of em sittin in my yard, my dad parked it in 2015, been sitting since.. Hoping to find the money and time to get it running again after 5 or so years.

  2. Not the same KA24E as a S13. The D21 was cast in Mexico, has individual crank mains and lacks piston oil squirters whereas the S13 KA24E was produced in Japan, has a crank girdle and has piston oil squirters, different injectors (spray pattern)… and the list goes on. While the truck KA is great, it's inferior to the S13.

  3. At least in Japan, which is where we in New Zealand/Australia import heaps of second hand cars from, this ute was not always a Nissan successor to the Datsun 720. I have an '90 TD23 S/C column shift Datsun D21 ute parked up less than 10m from where I am sitting, factory badged as such. Have a spare box and TD27T setup ready to go when the old lady needs, it too. They are cheap here. Owned lots of vehicles over the years, some have been really good, this one I will never sell; show it a photo of motor oil from time to time and it'll love you forever.

  4. my buddies owned 2 kingcabs and i got a 92 ram 50 and i love these small trucks and even the 2008 colorado is way bigger

  5. My Step dad gave me his 91 D21 last year. I love the thing it get's it …up hill up a canyon I have not tried off-road 4X4 figured I need to do some rust removel first before that's all that there is left. Salt on the roads here in UT eats up everything.

  6. R50 and D22 line up are also very well made, although they were not as popular for some reason.

  7. 1:08 The hard truth about all of these 60-thousand-dollar overgrown-Tonka-toy manchild criminal-wannabes that clog the roads these days yet can't afford to buy real mufflers

  8. I don’t get why mr regular loves this mini truck but yet hates the old school rangers. We have an 05 ranger with a 4 banger and a 5 speed and I love that fricken thing.

  9. I have a 1995, bought new. It is at 450,00 miles. Only regular maintenance. It went in the rugged desert every weekend, where 4wd will not go, for 10 years. I love my truck. I swear I will be buried with it. I also have a 2006 Titan 4wd. something breaks every time I take it to the desert.

  10. I had one of these trucks for a short period of time unfortunately the frame was completely rusted out a bit so that was the end of that. But then again I do live in the rust belt and that’s probably why

  11. I dont know if you'll believe me, but my dad managed to find a 95' hardbody with only 60k miles, apperantly the owners where using it for storage? He gave it to me and i love it to death. Ive only put in 7k miles doing my drives up to campus and runs like a dream.

  12. Used to have a bone stock and immaculate inside and out 1987 Nissan Hardbody “King Cab” V6 SE. The body was perfect, aside from some faded paint. I sold it because it was a 2WD. If it was a 4×4 I’d still be driving it to this day, such an awesome little truck.

  13. I have two '93 and '97 I love them simple easy to maintain hold their value
    My neighbor has a $50K gargantuan truck that auto handle lock stopped working
    It costs him $700.00….stupid bastard BA HA HA HA
    Not to mention his 12 mpg…..stupid bastard BA HA HA HA
    He has to get a two step stool to be able to reach into the truck…stupid bastard BA HA HA

  14. We have a client at my workplace with a '90 Hardbody. He's the original owner. The truck has the 4 cylinder, 2wd, 5 speed, and no A/C. It runs like a top and he bought it brand new off the lot at our dealership. As of October '19 it has about 184k and is running on the original powertrain.

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