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Regular Car Reviews: 1999 Toyota Corolla CE


In the engorged 1999 Dot-Com economy, this car was a high school graduation present. In 2016, the same car is still a graduation present.

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  1. This car has a special place in my heart. In 2005 my parents divorced and my mom bought one from my uncle's car lot with the little money she had.(since my dad wouldn't let her work while they were married and since he was having an affair my mom wouldn't take money from him that wasn't child support.) She drove us around in it, finished med school then gave it to my older sister to teach herself how to drive when she was 14. She would drive us to school (illegally cough cough) and when she graduated high school she gave it to me and I drove it from sophomore year to graduation. Took my first girlfriends to dances in this car, drove to Marching Band practice every morning while eating cereal in a cup in this car. Even the same broken storage compartment door was broken in mine. Finally we sold it to a family friend, it still runs and she still has it but man what fond memories. This is genuinely a great YouTube channel. You see a lot of crazy reviews of these quarter million dollar cars you'll never buy and some how these are way more special. Thanks dude for the reminder of how fun life can be when you just live with what you got and make the best of it.

  2. it looks like the typical Mexican mom car where she drives her 3 young kids to elementary school…

  3. These little mother fuckers will last forever ,a little uncomfortable for sex in the rear seat
    But will get you absolutely there.

  4. You never fail to make me laugh w those "Apple pie wasn't on the menu anyway/hot pockets w the new crust kinda jokes!

  5. I have a corrola that has a messed up transmission, and I just hope i can buy a new transmission for it so when I get my license I can drift in it

  6. Wait this Toyota Corolla CE model has powered mirror locks and windows, my uncles Toyota Corolla has no power locks and windows, need to use a crank.

  7. I own a 1998 "Chevy" Prizm, 253K and counting, 1.8L manual shift. Meticulous maintenance. Car is no slouch even to this day, gets zero respect and will embarrass half the cars on the road that think they are quick. Best car I have ever owned-no contest. A/C still blows cold too.
    Corolla's are the epitome of mass production assembly line masterpieces.

  8. It's super reliable, so much that the police and the taxi drivers are still using them in Algeria (the police went with the much better looking Wagon version).

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