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Regular Car Reviews: 2001 Chevrolet Corvette C5


Oh look, Grandpa bought a C5 Corvette and he thinks it’s an investment. Newsflash Pops, worms will eat your bone marrow before the C5’s will be worth money.

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  1. God, would you please just SHUT UP! Holy mother of god you LOVE to hear yourself talk. Pathetic, you think you're CLEVER. Dude, you are SO NOT clever! You're not good at this. Find something else to do!

  2. As someone who is in between gen z and millenials we always joke about boomers. However I just got back from the track with my dad and his vette club and honestly they are some of the coolest dudes. Im thinking about getting a c5 z06 and turning into a drift car.

  3. Better than any crap porsche.. funny how you Americans say old guy car..this is a head turning..especially in Eur5its like wow..I mean let's face it it ain't no crap ugly under performing porsche. Classic car ..

  4. Here's the dirty little secret about boomers who buy Corvettes: They really dont give a fuck what anybody thinks and dont give a lot of thought about whatever people who obsess about these things think. If you're the kind of person that is so insecure your biggest concern is making sure you're dressed right before you go out of the house so people won't laugh at you behind your back it might matter to you. My hunch is people buy Corvettes because they're a blast to drive and inexpensive to maintain.

  5. bro…even the YOUNGEST boomer would be in his early 40s by the time "Jurassic Park"(not to be confused with the original "The Lost World") came out…a boomer would be closer to the Great Depression than he would be to Jurassic Park. xD

  6. I think you mean the block. As far as I know, truck LSs have iron blocks and aluminum heads, car ones (along with some truck 5.3s) have aluminum blocks and heads.

  7. I don't get the Banjo & Kazooie analogy

    >couple seconds in

    "The Corvette is NOT a collectors item"

    OOOOOOOOHHHH Now I get it.

  8. i dont wanna be THAT guy or anything but in the video the corvette gets aluminum cylinder heads while the trucks get iron cylinder heads. actually all LS engines have aluminum cylinder heads. gm never made iron ls heads on anything. most trucks/vans have iron engine blocks with a select few trucks having aluminum blocks. pretty much all cars models that have an ls (corvette, gto, camaro, etc) have an aluminum blocked, aluminum headed ls. the more you know =)

  9. 31 year old male. I just sold mine this year, few takeaways – 

    – Amazing on gas
    – Very reliable
    – In 3 years of ownership never had a single issue with the car, even with kicking the crap out of it every time i drove it
    – Cheap insurance
    – Fast car, low 13s is quick even by todays standards
    – For whatever reason it was invisible to cops. I sped by them all the time and never got pulled over, even without cats or mufflers
    – Not a pussy magnet whatsoever, definitely an old mans car

    For what its worth,

  10. May be a regional thing, but around here most Corvette owners are African American guys, both young and old, who seem to be trying to show off. As evidenced by the Corvette meets on Beale Street in Memphis.

  11. On CarGurus, I'm seeing some C5s with less than 100k miles for like $8-9k. I even saw a 2001 C5 with 31,000 miles, for only $11k. They've gotten so cheap holy shit

  12. I just Love Corvettes … Period Dot. … No matter what one says for some reason Every Car Buff in the world is always comparing something to a Corvette no matter what year it is. My Mustang can out run a vette, My Camaro can out run a vette, my GTR can out run a vette, my Nissan can out run a vette, This is the car that dreams are made "with". For the price you just cannot beat it. I am waiting for someone to say My car can out run a Bugatti, Ferrari, Lambo, Maserati and a Corvette can sit next to these Exotic machines stock from the factory … besides it is not the money it the beating and affordability

  13. The zr1 c4 would be cool.. but what Corvette do you like ?.. an L88 67 c2?.. bruh, you dont have 225000 dollars

  14. after watching vinwikis vid on corvettes, i know if i ever have a stroke and decide to get one ill be paying more than what its worth and still wont be happy.

  15. Every part of this video the word Corvette could be replaced with mustang and it would still work..

  16. I got mine with 38,000 miles for ten grand. Ran great then, runs even better now. ONLY thing wrong was the paint was oxidized on the hood.

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