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Renault Megane 2017 hatchback review | Mat Watson Reviews


Premium appeal is something mainstream manufacturers are increasingly gunning for and the new Renault Megane has smart styling that makes it look altogether more convincing than the car it replaces. It features an advanced infotainment system and comes with a comfortable ride – get Mat Watson’s verdict with our full 4K review.

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  1. in australia, if you the gt line, you can get the colour matching interior as the colour of the exterior

  2. Drove the Irish spec Megane GT line 1.6dci 130hp; not having driven a renault in years I actually thought the gear change was nice and sharp. The steering was also good, in sport mode felt weightier than the astra equivalent and the 1.6dci was a beautiful engine, especially over 2000rpm; a little tad of low down turbo lag but then pulls like a train and really quiet and smooth. I'd honestly consider it to buy if the price was right

  3. Beautiful car, more, that lack of creativity in putting that name. Renault Megane …..

  4. Dear Matt, please review
    "Santa Fe 2017 sport"……I expect a positive response from you…. your car reviews are really awesome….???……..

  5. my friend, I am afraid you were payed to be dissapointed. Gearbox not so good? Driving it is so smooth and fluent that will make owners of way more expensive cars feel like they have purchased a tractor.

  6. Actually I'm impressed with this car but prefer the wago/estate. Have you done a video on one of them?

  7. Really stands out with good looking design, the older Megane (from 2010 or smth) was really bland and forgettable with diesel being only decent engine, with cheaper materials inside and also some weird choice of cloth lining that was magnet for dust, hair, gravel etc. This one however feels that it can really give a kick to those KIAś and Hyundais in terms of warranty, design and value for money. Because I think that a person who always favors Golf or Focus is going to buy a new model from the same line and those who are considering options are the ones who opted for Korean-Japanese brands lately.

  8. this car is totally rubish. try turning on the ac while driving. or try to switch to radio. you cannot see anything on the screen when there is Sun. also suspension and steering is so bad it is almost dangerous on corners. waste of money.

  9. HEY THE ENGLISH PEOPLE im a french Renault is good car in France not insult please OKAY BANDE DE SALOPE

  10. I don't get how you can say they've done a good job but then essentially say the steering, brakes and gear change are all crap, how does that make it good to drive?

  11. I had one while my car was getting serviced. I'm 6'2" and there's no room behind my driver's seat. Six footers will not be ok in the back.

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