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Resident Evil 4 Remastered Review! (PS4/Xbox One)


One of the most loved survival horror games ever made has finally been brought to modern consoles. Does Resident Evil 4 stand the test of time or die alone? Find out in my review!

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  1. Is this PS4 version better than the PS3's? Beside the graphics, resolution, sound and FPS, what else is different between this PS4 version and the PS3 version?

  2. the way you can't move while aiming at the same time is what makes the game more challenging & i love it tbh

  3. I still have my PS3 hooked up ,along with my PS4 and I have RE4 downloaded on PS3. I still really love this game and play thru it once a year or so. .Im also someone who really likes physical games way better than downloads. I can still find this game brand new for $20. Im just wondering if it's worth it. In the end I'll probably get it. …I mean what the hell, It"s RE4

  4. Currently playing this game and enjoying it, but The one thing that lets this game down for me is not the controls which I have grew up with from all the resident evil games.. but the fact the characters do not talk when playing. I think of the last of us and uncharted and they do it brilliant and you really care for them characters because you learn more about them.

  5. Resident Evil 4 is my all time favorite game. I absolutely adore it. The soundtrack, the sound effects (especially the gun noises), the atmosphere, the pacing, the gun play, the creatures, the ridiculous over the top storyline. I've been playing RE4 since 2006 and I still play it all the time to this day.

  6. This is definitely in my top 3 for favorite RE game of all time! RE Remastered for the PS4, THIS, and Code Veronica! Actually just bought this for the PS4 yesterday and I’m extremely excited to play it seeing as I haven’t played/beaten this since it first came out for the Gamecube! I do remember being skeptical about it when it first came out because it is the first game in the franchise to lose the fixed camera perspective but once I started playing it I loved it! MUST HAVE for anyone who loves RE games💯

  7. You know i think resident evil has a few bad games but at the same time no because all games are apart of a bigger story so 5 and 6 are not so bad

  8. this was definitely my least favorite in the series the controls drove me crazy I was better at re 0,1,2,3 and remake and was use to tank controls this was a new low for sure

  9. I'm sorry but this is not a remaster. This is just a port from the PS2 but in HD and in 60 FPS. Nothing new and nothing much different

  10. Re4 is the best Resident evil game made forever,i still today play on ps2 re4 and game the Black and medall of honor vanguard. Compare this game with game made today i meen new game they look ridicilus

  11. You're mumbling about it's uniqueness as it's a complete flaws. Well, looks like it's tough being anonymous critique. You can't see the charm of any game because you just appear to search for all of its flaws

  12. i feel bad for this guys GF…or BF…what a bitchy partner he must make lol. Dude STFU i came here for an honest review

  13. Why in the fucks capcom didn't updapte the ONE thing really needed to be updated?… the fucking controllers!

  14. your criticisms are pretty subjective, like the controls feeling cumbersome, you think they feel cumbersome? have you played the original 3 with tank controls? if you want cumbersome go play those lol, the only criticism i have for RE4 is the aiming only allows you to go up,down,left,right – Diagonal aiming is pretty much non existent, this makes headshots incredibly difficult, i think they could objectively make the aiming better, but its nothing to do with the sensitivity you mentioned about

  15. pausing the game when going into your inventory was a magnificent idea, i was playing RE5 the other day where it doesn't pause and i couldn't equip my shit fast enough, especially if you want to use a grenade for example, you see a group of enemies that would be perfect to explode so you open up your inventory and equip your grenade but by the time you have it in your hand they already split up or they're too close to you, that wouldn't happen if it paused the game

  16. Wow look at all the butthurt resident evil 4 fanboys in this comment section over his opinion.

  17. I really wished Capcom ported the motion controls from the Wii to the PS3 and PS4 versions.
    For many people the Wii version remains the most definitive version of the game over the PS3/4 because of that reason alone.

  18. It's good to see someone with the nerve to criticize Resident 4 I agree totally with you, the controls don't work anymore

  19. Re4 is a masterpiece. The game is easy enough the controls and inventory make you use your head and force you to make better decisions. Adds to the game in a pleasant way. If it was a fake piece of crap you could outrun all foes/bosses while shooting and hold a ton of rpgs in your ass for when things get tough

  20. I have no idea what you talkin about bridged an evil 4 remastered does suck. The gameplay is so slow on Xbox one. And I love Xbox I have an Xbox one X 1tb with all the bells & whistles. 45 minutes ago I downloaded Resident evil 4 because I remember playing in my youth on PlayStation 2. But it needs Resident evil 4 on Xbox one you can't move as fast the game play a so slow compared to all my other Resident evil on Xbox one Resident evil 4 just falls flat. The game control is clunky this remastered Resident evil 4 sucks I deleted it ain't never again will play it well at least this version. I remember when it first came out. There were two versions the regular version & secret version. The secret version on PlayStation 2 woods released by accident on purpose. It was the first Resident evil to show full-blown nudity. The secret version As of today is worth a lot of money. But I'm sorry dreamcast guy. This Resident evil 4 is just too clunky. Nothing like the original.

  21. I do like this guy…. but I can not listen to him for to long, the way he speaks.
    If he isn't talking in up and down tones, trying to make things sound more interesting than they are, he then has to over pronounce the last word and letter of every other sentencE, and also makes woooorrrds longeeeeer.
    Overallllll, it'S, reallllly quitE annoyinnnnG.

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