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Resident Evil: The Final Chapter – Movie Review


The (supposed) last movie in the Resident Evil movie franchise has hit theaters. Let’s send it off with my review of “Resident Evil: The Final Chapter”!

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  1. and to think the mummy 2017 is bad. holy hell this one is even worse. its not even R as far i'm concerned. one of the worst made/shot movies of all-time. as said. dogshit.

  2. My extremelly unpopular opinion that will get the children mad at me:

    I liked this movie. It's very flawed, they just randomly changed the story of how the T-Virus came to be and that confused me, but I liked it, enjoyed it and had a good time. I did expect more from it, but… it's a Resident Evil movie, you can't expect perfection from them.

    About the action sequence thing: This movie did have a story, as weak as it was. Have you watched the last RE movie? I think it was called Retribution. It had literally no story and was just a bunch of random action sequences with no reason to exist. If you compare all the Resident Evil movies, you'll see the first and last one were the best.

    But like I said, it's a Resident Evil movie, it can never be perfect.

  3. I actually really liked it. But the continuity isn't great between all the movies. Love your videos ?

  4. Can you review the Capcom-made CGI ones? I would love to know if you agree with fans or not XD

  5. i was kinda glad it was over but things did bother me about the film such as where is alice's daughter and where is chris redfield

  6. Lots, and lots, and lots, and lots……….::two hours later::…..and lots, and lots of hand movements. Use your words, which obviously you can. So why the many jazz hands and such?? A distraction, like, from a pimple that's on your face.?

  7. I thought I was confused until you reminded me. Yep, they changed who created the t-virus continuity. For the better oddly enough.

    I was digging the nonsense of this film bit fuck the editing is such shit.

  8. I'd highly recommend checking out Phelous's reviews of the Resident Evil movies. They're like the Plinkett Star Wars Prequel reviews of Resident Evil in my opinion. He goes in great detail how all these films blatantly contradict or flat out ignore it's own continuity in every movie especially in the Final Chapter.

  9. What realy pisses me of is that the ending of chp 5 was epic and then you watch 6 and is like we're da fuck is every one and why is blonde dude who wear sunglasses indoors with red queen now when he was opposing her

  10. For me Resident Evil CGI movies are way better  the this thing all it is is a movie with Resident Evil slapped on it if U want to see the true resident evil movies watch the CGI moviesthey are way better then this .

  11. shit film trade it in they should of spent more time making this i feel like they just rushed it and throw out any old bull shit without even trying to connect it to the original films like come the fuck on its the last film you should at least try ending it with a bang not just some fat shit trying to poop potatoes all over us

  12. How many people looked up "Action sequence for shits and giggles"? As soon as I typed in "Ac" on YouTube, it was the first result.

  13. Well there maybe hope for the resident evil movie series because it has been confirmed that James Wan is producing the Resident Evil Reboot

  14. Resident Evil Afterlife was like looking a movie in slow motion.
    Resident Evil Final Chapter was like looking a movie in accelerate

  15. I just got finished watching it. VERY disappointed. Where was Jill, Ada Wong, Leon? The FUCK? And they literally just changed the history of what happened to the previous movies. Just bad. Really really bad.

  16. The guy in the second movie created the t virus and used it to cure his daughter but she wasn't the one the red queen was modeled after. The umbrella corporation stole the t virus and it was used to cure young Alice's aging problem and the red queen was modeled after her.

  17. Jeremy sucks ass…like so much ass your a fucking asshole! this movie was better than your mum was after she fucked the hell outta melove the cum

  18. eh im not picky with 80's style action movies, im probably going to love this
    come on people you were expecting a deep story-line from resident fucking evil
    then wow you guys are dense as hell, its a 80s style action flick, small opening, small reason why she needs to go back{if u believe it or not} long pause of going to the city,
    getting there ,action, action, action, and more fucking action, with a little bit of story at the end, THATS FUCKING IT, get over people, this wasn't going to be any better then the expendables, and i loved that why, because sometimes u just need to sit back with a nice action flick, fuck the damn story, give me a "gotta save her or him" scenario and fuck it

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