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Resume Posting Sites – Top 10 Resume Posting Websites


The most important part of the process of looking for a job is definitely creating a very good resume. However that isn’t the end of the important bit. It is equally important for anyone looking for a job to post the resume at the right places. In fact since there are several job search websites which are very effective when you need to get a job, you may well have to consider posting your resume on all of them to get a quick response.

Now putting in your resume at all websites may well be a tedious job. Considering that you need to register at these websites separately before putting in the resume, you may well have to sit before a computer for hours almost. In such a situation it is better to submit your resume to a resume posting website which is able to submit your website to a huge number of jobsites in a matter of minutes saving your time and subsequently money and effort as well.

Some of the best resume posting sites offer you a chance to look at resume posting for employers, keeping in mind that several employers just browse through the websites with the idea of hand picking interesting resumes than have hundreds of people qualified or not qualified, reply to a vacancy. CV posting sites try to improve your chances by ensuring that your resume is up at all the important websites.

The following are some of the best resume posting sites on the internet not in any specific order.

1. Jobspider- The whole idea of resume posting is carried out free of charge by this website as all you need to do is sit back and relax while you have your CV distributed to a number of jobsites. Even though services are free, the results rate is not very high but your chances of getting your job done are good enough. In fact its free so give it a try.

2. The Riley Guide- This is one website that lays a lot of emphasis on the resume creating side of things. This has a decent hit rate and can work your requirements out. This is one to try definitely.

3. Quintcareers- Your run of the mill job resume posting services. However not a bad choice.

4. Eresume- This one has little following but good services.

5. Resumerabbit- A good site but there are better ones.

6. Resumezappers- 75+ websites is what they claim. Worth the risk in our books.

7. Resumeminers- Another average one.

8. Resumeboomer- This website we couldn’t help but talk about. They claim lesser than what the other websites on this list do, yet they have a very good hit rate and seem to deliver their promises. Higher customer satisfaction rates and even though priced at $50, this is a very good site that you should definitely give a try.

9. Resumebucket- Good job posting site again. Needs a better look to it, but what’s in a look right?

10. Resumeresource- A good, solid job posting site. No nonsense approach. What you see is what you get. A firm favorite amongst people looking to post resumes.

By Silas Reed

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