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Retro Review – Quake II PC Game Review


Quake II is a first-person shooter video game developed by id Software and distributed by Activision. It is not a direct sequel to Quake; it merely uses the name of the former game due to id’s difficulties in coming up with alternative names. The soundtrack for Quake II was mainly provided by Sonic Mayhem, with some additional tracks by Bill Brown and one track Jer Sypult.

The next game released with the title Quake III Arena, is not considered to be related to Quake or Quake II as it is multiplayer focused, and has a dissimilar storyline. A direct sequel, titled Quake 4, was released for the PC (Microsoft Windows and Linux), and later for the Xbox 360 and the Macintosh. A prequel to Quake II, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, has been produced by Splash Damage.

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  1. I know this comment is kinda late but have you tried it with the berserker mod? It adds some graphical effects and some of the textures are updated as well. I managed to complete the campaign with no issues except some of the guns had this weird water ripple effect.

  2. I've been debating getting this game on Steam due to the bad taste the PlayStation version left in my mouth.

  3. if you get the chance to play this using a 3Dfx Voodoo graphics card then take it.

  4. It seems like people don't realize Quake 2 on N64 had completely different levels. I wish someone could port them over to PC some how like they did With Doom 64 so I could play them sometime. I remember enjoying the atmosphere. In fact the OST to that was very creepy and DooM 64 like too.

  5. I've played this only for a few minutes but I really don't see me liking it, it does't feel right and I'm considering a refund, I payed full price btw no sales

  6. I 've just tried this game with kmquake mod. As a shooter its ok for mid 90s game but gets boring very quickly. Its just the same brown coridors everywhere. I gave up after first few levels

  7. I hate Quake 2… I think it is one of the ugliest games I have ever played. I didn't last long playing it either as it did my head in.

    Quake 1 is superior in all regards (IMHO).

  8. Quake 2 is probably one of the worst FPS games of its era imo. Think of all the games that came out around the same time. Duke 3D, Half Life, Unreal, Shadow Warrior, System Shock 2 a little later on etc. Quake 2 really is so lacking in so many ways. People talk about shooters these days being too simple, but fuck me, this came out in 1997, when FPS's were changing rapidly and getting more complex and it plays like a nicer looking Doom. I really dislike this game, it's like John Romero and John Carmack just make shit when they're not working together, Daikatana and Quake 2 are perfect examples.

  9. No, No Q2 was massive technological improvement back then – hand/guns models, poly count, size of levels, animations, colored lighting. I like Q1 more, but Q2 was a giant leap – there is a reason HL and Daikatana switched engines after Q2! The bar has been risen.

  10. Quake 1/2/3. DOOM/DOOM 2. DUKE NUKEM 3D = Real shooters

    COD. BF = Fake shooters for kids

  11. honestly i like Quake 1 more
    mainly because its feels and looks more unique with the viking/asatru style to it,unlike the rest of the series is more sci-fi themed
    but that is just me

  12. Q2 CTF!
    Rocket Launcher was slow as F… Hyperblaster was a lag inducing POS… But the Railgun! SS! and Chaingun were perfect.
    As a bonus we got Q2DM1 …

  13. So the strogg are cybernetic aliens that have stroggnized themselves so long ago and so many species that nobody knows what species they oroginated from?

  14. Never cared much for Quake II other than the mods (Transformers, Action Quake II, Paintball, to name a couple). The weapons had no weight or feel to them, much like Doom 3. The levels were boring, and the whole Strogg storyline was a vast and unwelcome departure from Quake I.

  15. Originally Quake 2 was supposed to have a different title however; Id couldn't get the trademark title they wanted and they were too far in development and had to do something so they decided to go with Quake 2. For it's time Quake 2 was still a great game I do prefer the gothic, Lovecraftian atmosphere from the first Quake, I also prefer the Trent Reznor soundtrack from the first game as well. The multiplayer was the reason to play Quake 2, all the mods it never got old.

  16. Quake 2 to this day is on of the best fps game I have ever plaid!.Yesss its even better than new DOOM!.

  17. ah yes, q2… where you had grapple ctf, runes, the famous q2dm1, and a railgun that felt like it was a god damn artillery cannon that does 100dmg.

  18. I'm one of "those guys" who, oddly enough, prefer Quake 2 over Quake 1. I think it is mainly because of the way objective are in Quake 2. I have a mission to complete. Where in Quake 1 it really does feel like 'just another level' all the time. Said levels are great thought, yet there is a special something about Quake 2. Maybe the more sci-fi oriented theme appeals to me more. Or maybe I just prefer to explore less confusing environments. Who knows…

    But both games are great in its own right.

  19. I'd love to see more games like Quake II released. The pacing, level design and deployment of enemies was just right, you could get such a good flow going in that game. Even the 'ghost town' thing didn't bother me, it meant I could look around and admire the level design !

  20. An awesome game that, unfortunately, i don't enjoy…all for a simple reason:
    what appealed to me about Quake 1 was the fantasy/lovecraftian atmosphere, which influenced my interests SO MUCH when i was a kid, and thanks to it (and even more thanks to Hexen, my first game ever) i grew up being the person that i am with the interests that i have (dark fantasy, medieval history, H.E.M.A, horror ecc..i even became a musician thanks to games like Quake, Unreal & Deus Ex)
    and while this sequel played beautifully..i was so pissed about it being put into a sci-fi setting that i only played it for a couple of hours before losing interest.
    And then, to this day, i became such a Rpg/Crpg fan that i rarely play FPSs anymore

  21. I loved Quake II on N64 and always saw it as more an exclusive "expansion pack" of Quake II PC as Nintendo got a wholly original game compared to Sony.

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