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Retro Review – Redneck Rampage PC Game Review


Redneck Rampage is a 1997 first-person shooter game designed by Xatrix Entertainment and published by Interplay. The game features songs by Mojo Nixon, Reverend Horton Heat, Beat Farmers and other Psychobilly artists. As the name implies, Redneck Rampage has many hillbilly elements in it.

Reviews for the title were mixed, but even the harshest reviewers were able to appreciate the game’s energy and sense of humor. Arinn Dembo writing for Cnet Gamecenter gave the game three stars, and said it deserved “big points for its psychobilly soundtrack”, “big points for being genuinely funny at times”, and offered “good fun using a crowbar to beat aliens, ‘Old Coots’ and ‘Billy Rays’ to death”. Redneck Rampage was nominated in the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences’ first annual Interactive Achievement Awards in the category “Computer Action Game of the Year”.

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  1. The game's main problem was even on the lowest difficulty the very first couple of enemies you saw in the game still had pin point no miss aim and your health would get drained very fast even on easy. Basically, the game was stupidly hard for no reason.

  2. they should make this game again.  a new redneck rampage for new pcs and consoles

  3. I hate western for it's empty theme and lack of anything and american stuff in general. The typical architecture is mainly white, red and blue with no inspiration at all and hillbilly stuff makes me vomit. The Greek made breath taking buildings and structures more than two fucking millennia before america and nothing made in america can match it in it's design and beauty. The empire state building is mainly tall, white house is bleh and New York is like a big expensive slum to me seeing as their park is the main and perhaps only place to find any plants or nature tells how stale it is

  4. excuse my french i like this expression,i'm french and a lot of people think that really means "excuse mon français"

  5. Do people see these reviews as just a medium to have their opinions spewed back to them?

  6. This game does lack the polish of Duke Nukem and Shadow Warrior but it was still fun to play. Using the cuss back to have everyone swear and curse at you made it even funnier!

  7. If you're going to claim dogs take 6 hits from a shotgun why say that over the part of your video showing a dog dying to 4 shotgun shots??

  8. I start the video Jesus Christ this game is going to give me eye aids "The visuals look good and are pretty good for the time" I then question if i'm too picky on visuals for 5 minutes

  9. Lemme guess, lots of comments from people who didn't have anything better to compare this to back in the day for whatever reason and are now blinded by nostalgia. I'm sorry, but this game has problems, you CAN do so much better, and 6 fucking super shotgun blasts for a fucking dog is beyond bad design.

  10. I miss all the old dos fps like blood dukenukem doom system shock too just was a golden age for pc gaming .love the reviews by the way

  11. I still love this game, even if build-engine games give me simulator sickness nowadays. The soundtrack is still the best I know.

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