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Retro Review – Sin & Wages of Sin PC Game Review


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SiN is a first-person shooter video game based on a modified version of the Quake II engine developed by Ritual Entertainment and published by Activision in late 1998. The game was later released over Valve Software’s Steam Platform on April 5, 2006, either as a standalone product, or bundled together with its sequel, SiN Episodes.

SiN introduced some features to the FPS genre, such as the ability to knock the weapon out of an opponent’s hand and to take area-specific damage from enemies. Although drivable vehicles did not play a big part in the game, there were some sections and levels which required the player to drive certain vehicles, including an ATV, a patrol boat, a forklift and a helicopter. SiN also featured three different types of body armor – for the legs, for the torso and for the head, with each of them depleting separately according to where the player was getting hit.

SiN featured one of the highest levels of interactivity of any first-person shooter at that time. Much of the environment could be interacted with, computer terminals could be manipulated through a DOS-like command prompt, and various objects could be destroyed. Besides, a player’s progression through SiN was not entirely linear. Many levels had multiple ways in which to complete them, and actions could trigger drastic changes in future levels. This feature was intended to add a level of replayability to the game and force the player to think before acting. SiN also contained many Easter eggs, more so than most other games, ranging from some fairly obvious signs and graffiti, through to entire secret hidden rooms.

The artificial intelligence of the enemies in the game was on a very high level for its time, with the foes being able to run for cover, call for reinforcements, locate the player throughout the levels, respond to specific scripts etc. However, there were some issues with the game code which prevented the enemies to act completely in the way they were supposed to and unleash their full potential.

Most of the single-player levels were real-life locations like power plants, dams, banks, subway stations, oilrigs etc. Besides them, there were also more sci-fi oriented levels like genetic laboratories, biomech assembly facilities, missile silos, and more. One of the innovative levels featured an entirely underwater landscape in which the player had to find oxygen supply in order to survive. The weapons that the player could obtain in the game ranged from near-future equivalents of present day conventional weapons to experimental devices that required power in order to operate.

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  1. Sin was great. Well except that end of second level boss bug where he just stood there without moving.

    I loved the game manual too, it was like Blade's diary heaps of backstory and funny stuff.

  2. loved this and still played half-life…also "judo chops" ? yea Judo is all about choping =D

  3. "Enemies also show off some really clever artificial intelligence."

    He says as some random dudeguy runs stuck in a wall.

  4. "Enemies also show off some really clever artificial intelligence."

    He says as some random dudeguy runs stuck in a wall.

  5. Very good review. But have you played it when it was released? I was filled with game breaking bugs – mainly events not triggering. I personally could not finish it because of unavoidable crash the level you turn into monster. How far was that from finish? I reckon, pretty far, I know, I passed few of those horribly hard levels.

  6. Nice review of an entertaining game 🙂 How about a retro review of Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.²?

  7. A great game that unfortunately had its development rushed to compete with Half-Life (and failed miserably). I'd say that not only the game was buggy at release, but one could say that the multiplayer part also feels rushed, only a couple of levels are based on the singleplayer campaign and the rest of them are abstract levels that don't really fit the theme of the game. All things considered, the singleplayer campaign was great, with really interactive levels like it was done in the Build engine games.

  8. Just want to let you know man, I have never in my years of youtube watching left a comment to the content creator because, well, who cares, but I have to tell you: I think we're about the same age (I'm turning 30 soon), and literally everything you say about gaming, specifically how the '97 to '99 years of PC gaming, is spot f'ing on. I've been binging your videos for a few weeks now, and I'm absolutely going to support you on Patreon. This review of Sin was the kicker. Your attention to detail and excellent editing have encouraged me to go back and re explore these mostly unappreciated greats. Also, you're #2 being Monoliths's F.E.A.R. really got me. You're a good man who appreciates a satisfying kill. Keep it up.

  9. Great review man, I'm almost the same age as you. And a lot of shooting games you're reviewing were forbidden where I live.
    Cheers from germany

  10. I was amazed how many alternate paths and alternate maps there are in Sin. I played the game 3 times before I discovered the dam and the nuke silo. Or that you can flood one map with lava. And I probably missed a lot.

  11. I used to play this game with huge dedication when it came out. Shortly after the turn of the Millennium the anime film came out, also enjoyable though not with its boring parts, ultimately ita fairly loyal to the source material though. I remember having a really hard time getting through some of the levels in this. Sin Episodes made me very very happy as a fan. At least just to return to that universe and use that sweet pistol again. Too bad its a massive pain in the ass to get now

  12. One of my biggest problems with this game is that even on the normal difficulty, some enemies are absolute bullet sponges who have pinpoint accuracy and kill you in literally two hits. That might be okay for the harder settings, but for normal it just makes the game more cheap and frustrating than it needs to be.

  13. I played the SiN demo (bank raid) for weeks, over and over again. The amount of things you could do, the different approaches you could take, it was really, really good.

    Went to the shops to buy it and the rep there mentioned how buggy the full version was and suggested I try Half Life instead.

    And, well…

  14. "New dawn, my ass, you wacky bitch!" is my new favorite catch phrase. I use it all the time now.

    SiN should get a remake but be a satirical take on the games of that era. Have the sexy CEO be even more over-the-top, like she's in skin-tight leather doing a pole dance which she's giving a speech to the shareholders of her company. I want a game that both embraces and pokes fun at 90s shooters, mixing in a bit of tongue-in-cheek humor about the climate of today's gaming.

  15. I remember being a kid, hanging out with my friend at his house, and being super excited to see this game in action, since he said it was awesome. We couldn't get past the intro video (I vaguely remember a bird exploding?) without it crashing though, which was super disappointing. Funny thing is, to make up for it, my friend showed me a different game that he liked… A little game by the name of Half Life.
    We were total fanboys of Valve for years after that. I wonder what would've happened if we got Sin running, instead of just moving on the Half Life…

  16. There's a way to spy on Alexis taking a bath when you're in her mansion. Rub-a-dub-dub.

  17. Great review, very spot on for the most part. However, I have to disagree entirely on your evaluation of Wages of SiN. In many respects, the expansion is simply a better game. Its story is not as great, but it doesn't suffer from some of the flaws the original game did (rushed barely functional stuff like chem plant).

  18. I got the GOG version of SiN. and its runs smoothly on modern PCs and supports 3Dfx with Nglide patch some sort. Go to GOG.com and have a look!

  19. Still waiting on a REMAKE of this game….
    Why the fuck no one is remaking this ? Not even DUKE FUCKING NUKEM did not get a remake….

  20. Thief: The Dark Project and SiN were my favorites of that time. Both are vastly underappreciated and forgotten.

  21. Awesome to see someone who not only has heard of all the random ass FPS games from the 90s, but is on a similar wavelength! Kudos gggman!

  22. This game was a running joke amongst gamers and games media for those insanely long load times. Still, it was one of our favorites at the time.

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