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Review: Ashes Cricket 2009 (360/PS3)


Video review of Codemaster’s Ashes Cricket 2009. See 8WayMovement.com for more video reviews, previews and features.

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  1. the batting is the best..bowling is little poor..but still i would give 4.5/5 for this game..little disappionted for not having real kit and bats.

  2. they had to rush it in time for the ashes series. they are working on a title update that will fix many issue for offline/online play. this is the best cricket game available in the market, take it or leave it

  3. well, i play online mainly and its great fun playing against friends. they are working a patch to improve the game more. i have it and play it everyday almost on xbox

  4. @thunder951357 It's not because the makers of Ashes cricket (Codemasters, if I believe) only got licensing from Cricket Australia & England Cricket Board (ECB) So the Aussie and English are the only two teams, whose names are correct.

  5. Yes indeed. I don't like it when the fielding is automatic, because the fielders don't even try sometimes, and it just makes you wish you could control them. Bowling feels pointless if you can hardly score wickets for BOTH delivery AND position of the ball. Batting seems to be done the best it seems. It is nice to see the realism of the camera in this game like its televised. Pretty good effort yet again by Codemasters.

  6. i heard this game is broing and very easy u can hit a six so easily.
    dunno if its wrorth the money really..

    For ps3?


  7. @jadonndrumznmuzic DIRT 2 IS AN AMAZNG GAME !!!!! I PLATINUMED IT XD along with 6 other platinmums 😛

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