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Review: OnLive Console


In this video I review the OnLive MicroConsole. OnLive is a streaming video game service that allows you to play games on your PC, Mac, Android phone or tablet and on your TV using the OnLive Console. I go over the hardware of the console, what ports it contains and how to set it up, the OnLive controller vs the Xbox 360 and PS3 controllers, buying games on OnLive as well as the PlayPack, the graphics and performance of playing games on OnLive and whether it’s worth the $100 price tag.

The OnLive MicroConsole was provided for free to review by OnLive.

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  1. I hate the fact that most of us were forced to get xbox one or playstation 4 ONLIVE was and still would of been the future of gaming imagine all the updates and future games we wouldn't ever need a console again perhaps just an update for 4k onlive for those nerds… i feel like crying… anyway XBOX ONE is collecting dust…

  2. I loved this shit so much, now every simpleton talk about google like they just created the whole idea and like it's something revolutionary, so pathetic… people are so smug these days they don't know about something they cannot even imagine it exists already…

  3. I Have the Onlive paperweights 🤣. All this Stadia stuff is making go back and view videos for Onlive. So to remind myself not to fall for it.(Stadia)

  4. I used OnLive on my laptop doing I'm Homefront and other games used by my 360 Wired controllers after 8 years later Google introduced the Stadia looking look OnLive control.

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