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Chris Stuckmann reviews Rings, starring Matilda Lutz, Alex Roe, Johnny Galecki, Aimee Teegarden, Bonnie Morgan, Vincent D’Onofrio. Directed by F. Javier Gutierrez.

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  1. Is it very creepy and scary? I'm really afraid of watching it even with my friends in the movie theatre. Horror movies usually effect me a lot, but I've watched only 2 horror movies in my entire life, so… insidious scared the fuck out of me, and it was a disaster for me to stay in the dark for at least 2 months. Now I'm 16 years old, I don't know.

  2. I didnt understand.. wasn't samara the child of a virgin mother or something? that's what was told in the part 2.. then what was this movies plot about

  3. "this movie has a bit of a sience fiction edge to it "…………..
    Me: okay that´s another reason for me not to watch it …..

  4. this movie was so good I felt asleep in the middle of it, and woke up in the credits lol ????

  5. I'm that one guy haha started last night, immediately turned of just after the plan scene at the start. Gonna give this another go.

  6. The lead actress was horrible. I was rooting for her to die the entire time. Or maybe her character was just written horribly….either way I couldn't stand her.

  7. Same thinking it was ok just that and it was more detective things alike or something like that

  8. The ending was a big fuck you to the audience, you felt sorry for the ring girl? Lol sike you thought bitch. So fucking stupid, I hated the ending

  9. Started watching it, needed a break. It feels outdated by now, sadly.. But, is it just me or did they take the plot from the short movie "Rings" (bonus from part 2) and run with it?

  10. >.> she doesn't look like Jessica Alba at all. More like Emelia Clarke from certain angles.

  11. Can we talk about how this movie basically turns into a Dont Breathe knock off at one point?

  12. Finally saw Rings after renting it. It's not as terrible as what I thought it was going to be. I thought is was better than 2 but nowhere near as good as the first film.

  13. I don't know why but it is the second time I have a nightmare after seeing a Ring's movie. Maybe it's the random images that got stuck in my head. I really liked the movie, just like you said, the acting is good and it got me thinking…maybe the first scene was supposed to be a post credit scene…with all those images popping in the airplane's screens just after the video was sent… What do you think? Love your reviews. Can't wait for the Alien: Covenant!

  14. I couldnt get into this movie, it wasn't horrible just couldn't hold my interest. Good review

  15. This movie is complete trash. Predicted the ending like halfway through the movie.

  16. Your facial expressions and long, disgusted pauses make me laugh every time. Not too mention when you say things like " I walked into this movie clenched…. " LMAO, Chris

  17. Funny thing, in Sadako Vs. Kayako, yes that's a real movie, there was a subplot where one of the viewers of the tape created a digital copy of the tape and uploaded it to the internet for all to see and enjoy. Granted, it goes absolutely nowhere, but it did happen back in mid 2016.

  18. There is a Rings short (15 minutes long) that came with The Ring 2, and I think that was actually good and scary. The new Rings, from what I read of the synopsis, kind of expands on the concept. Did you see the original Rings? What did you think of it?

  19. Hate the tone of the guitar in the theme , literally hurts the ears if I don't remember to turn the volumn down

  20. the only time i got scared was when they cut to someone opening an umbrella, the rest was just predictable and boring

  21. This movie was pretty dire to watch. Got really bored second half of the movie because nothing was happening, and everytime something did happen it was just a pointless jumpscare which was just a hallucination of some kind. It actually followed so many horror cliches it was just becoming pathetic. They actually went the Ouija route of trying to make you sympathize with the antagonist so that you actually hate the protagonist who is preventing a greater evil, only to have the rug swept under you in the final scene. And the whole concept of Samara going viral on the internet would of actually been a more interesting movie than the snooze fest we got.

  22. I disagree. The best things about this shitstorm were the airplane scene or the underground cult experiment scene. Those were the two different directions they could have taken to make this stand out from the others. Instead it turns into just another SSDD Ring sequel.

  23. So I guess now it's only fitting that you get into The Grudge reviews although I'm pretty sure there's no remake or sequel of that coming out in American form.

  24. Actress is hot. Also movie is funny. It felt like scary movie 4 with Samara and the chainsaw lol

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