Home Movie Review Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) Monster Madness X movie review #26

Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) Monster Madness X movie review #26


Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) Monster Madness X movie review #26
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  1. I saw this at a midnight drive in. With both movie and play playing and the people said if we did not see it that way we were considered ricky horror virgins

  2. Got the soundtrack on cd in my truck. Makes for an interesting drive in to work during the early morning.

  3. well, its easy to see how a ton of jesus freaks would be turned off by it. it might make them tingle inside and you know not to many followers of the bullshit spewed by the zombie have never been truly alive anyways. that or they just wanna piece of Frank-n-furthers hot dog and dont know how to live w/that feeling for another man. lol

  4. Now do Phantom of the Paradise. I always thought It'd be great to have a midnight double bill with Phantom of the Paradise followed by the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

  5. To be honest, I really didn't like it. Don't get me wrong, I get it and I love weird wacky movies. However what I didn't like is that nothing seemed significant. None of the characters or their actions seemed to matter, and that is a very big part of me liking a movie. Maybe if I saw it live and had that crazy interaction that you had I could appreciate it more. But the stand alone movie is not very enjoyable for me. But hey, everyone has different opinions and that's okay.

  6. It's no mystery to me. The movie has some excellent world building but really nothing else, so the audience has to be a little rowdy to appreciate it. Before home video and the internet there wasn't a place for movies like that, so fans had to invent their own way of connecting and celebrating the movie, and here we are. You can see some obvious similarities to the origins of Star Trek conventions.

  7. Please. Please please please do a review of the official sequel Shock Treatment. Please. SOMEONE has to review it. SOMEONE

  8. There does exist A Rocky Horror video game released in 1985 for Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Commodore 128 and Apple II.

  9. So what you're saying is it sucked but enough people pretend like it doesn't so it's good and it's major redeeming quality is the participation of the audience.

  10. I’ve been watching Rocky Horror every year for Halloween since I was 6, I’m now 19 and still absolutely adore the movie.

  11. I’ve never seen it in the theatre, but I’ve seen it multiple times at home. I don’t understand why he doesn’t like it?? It’s one of my absolute favourites, and I’ve never seen the audience participation part of it!

  12. Did the midnight screening a couple nights ago, and by far the best theater experience I've ever had. Highly recommend going if you can find anywhere doing it. Besides, we need more virgins in the seats >:)

  13. I don’t know what makes it funny, as it is supposed to be a comedy I think, it has confusing scenes, I prefer Clue by a million

  14. I feel like the one thing that goes over people's heads is that this movie makes a mockery of traditional social norms regarding sexuality and gender, and that's one of the many reasons it's fucking awesome!

  15. Tim Curry is freaking hilarious in this movie. He’s campy to the Nth degree & has such a blast

  16. They did this show at Binghamton University when the Fall semester starts. This is where I learned the real show comes from the audience.

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