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Sample Thank You Script For Autoresponder


One of the first emails you will write for your autoresponder sequence is the “Thank You” email. Here’s a simple script that goes over the different elements of that email. Use it as a guideline and template to create your own thank you or welcome email messages for all your different autoresponders.

The Subject Line

Let’s start with the subject line. You don’t need to get very fancy or creative here. Your readers just signed up and are expecting your email. Here are a few examples of good subject lines for your thank you email.

· Thanks for signing up (insert name)

· Thanks for signing up for (insert name of newsletter )

· Thanks for signing up for the (xyz) tips.

· Welcome to the (xyz) newsletter.

· Here’s your first tip

Again, keep it simple and to the point. Make sure your “from” field reflects your name or the name of your website so your readers can see at a glance who the email is from.

Thank Them For Signing Up

Your introductory paragraph should again thank them for singing up. Let them know that you appreciate them and the fact that they trust you enough to give you their email. This may also be a great time to let them know that you will never share, rent or sell their personal information, including their email address.

Set Expectations

Next you want to set some expectations. How often can your readers expect to hear from you and when. If you send out a weekly newsletter, let them know that they can expect their first and allow following issues on Wednesdays around 10 am for example. If you use a particular short code in your subject line, let them know about that as well. For example, all subject lines for my Daily Affiliate Tasks emails start with [DAT]. It not only helps my readers recognize at a glance what the email is about, it also makes it easy for them to filter the emails into a special folder.

This is also a great time to let them now that they will occasionally receive special offers or email messages that contain affiliate links. Setting this expectation early on will keep people from unsubscribing and complaining later on.

Deliver On Any Promises You’ve Made

Of course you also want to deliver on any promises you’ve made in your optin form. If you promised to share your best list growing tip, do that now. If you promised them a special report or video message, include the link to it here.

Last But Not Least… Make An Offer

Close your email with an offer. Your subscribers are very interested in the topic of your newsletter or autoresponder. Take advantage of this by making an offer for a related affiliate product (or product of your own) right now. You’ll see some great conversions. At the same time you’re starting to get your list used to buying from you on a regular basis.

By Susanne Myers

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