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Samsung Galaxy Gear two Evaluation – The Gadget Demonstrate


Is this the Smartwatch that will basically make people want to obtain just one? We examine it out in our comprehensive online video assessment suitable here…

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  1. does it find the phone when its misplaced? like some sort of tracking device when its near by ????

  2. Do you have to have you phone on you to use it? I was thinking about running and not always funny running with you phone

  3. You sound like a hater. Samsung is missing the point of the Smart watch. Forget all those dumb apps that you're never going to use it's a small screen what is the catch what is the niche… COMMUNICATION. I want to visually see be able to see who I'm talking to I want to be able to show them what I'm looking at. It needs two cameras one like they currently have and then another one facing the person talking into the smart watch. It is super cool when your watch tells you you've got a phone call you got a text message or if you must you've got mail.

    It's pretty cool to receive a phone call you hear it on the Smart watch you swipe and then you can begin to talk. However I don't care to share my entire conversation with other people around me. It also needs an earpiece and earbud. Say you get a text message you should be able to read it and then you should also be able to voice respond or it should read out loud for you.

    The main point is visual communication. I want to see the person that I'm talking to. And I want to be able to show them what I'm looking at this is the niche this is the key because even if you have a smart phone you can't do that. Sure if you use Skype you can possibly move your phone and show the person you're talking to what you're looking at but that's cumbersome. And we all know how Skype works. We want visual communication ability in a cell phone capacity I want that ability on my wrist and I wanted it flawlessly.

    And another big huge thing is price. $200 or less. Why would you buy something that costs more than your smart phone that you have to use as a companion device… Either make it a standalone device or drop the price.

    Gear2 $200 or less $150 would be best
    Neo $99 or less
    Fit $40

    Those are the price points that these gadgets should be at in order to make it a huge success until then it will be a failure.

  4. Idiot reviewer google glass whore, the camera is a great and necessary I hope samsung improve it, it is a very convenient gadget.

  5. Thumbs down in this video, speech hate from a google glass whore, Loving the convenience and camera of the galaxy gear 2. 

  6. Really not gonna take any notice of someone who doesn't know the name of the OS it's tyzen not tizen

  7. Haters gonna hate
    Lovers gonna love
    I don't really want
    None of the above–I gonna shit on you!
    Poop poop poop
    Shit on you!

  8. I personally think the gear 2 is great. I'm not sure what you'd expect from something as small as a watch but for what it is I like it a lot. Its very convenient and I use it in place of my phone all the time

  9. I have not used a watch in ages cause I use my phone, but since getting a note 4 and having to keep it in my front cargo pants pocket as it won't fit in my normal pocket, I find the gear 2 really convenient to check emails, time, weather without pulling out the phone, and if I have to use the phone it is on the view I need, no unnecessary swipes…

    I estimate I pull my phone out half as much as I used to… to me, that makes it useful…

    I wonder if the reviewer actually used the gear 2 or just read the pluses and minuses from other reviews…

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