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Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review


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  1. 6:10 "Since both of these sensors pack optical image stabilization, the Note8 has been a rock solid performer in low light" you're aware that this doesn't make any sense right?

  2. How about hiring someone with talent & who understands that the Note / the S Pen is much more than just for doodling.

    Otherwise an average review for an absolutely amazing phone.

  3. Finally a non whiney review and mature at that. I passed on the S8 and S8+ what a pleasure so tired of hearing people complaing about fingerprint senser.Really that lazy that you can't turn the phone over and put your finger on it get real.The second thing let people actually get the phone and use it for awhile before clamming about it.And from what I hear people are getting good battery life out of it.To be honest .I stop watching some who slammed it before even having it and trying it or knocking it when they never really even get a chance to use it.The best was knock it push every other phone and then show up at the event like all of sudden a three sixty about it.Thanks so much for telling it like it is.And I'm glad you are liking it.Thanks for helping me make up my mind Appreciate it Deb.✌👍Great Review

  4. When you are saying that Note 7 did blow up , you should know what is the difference between burning and explosion

  5. Samsung has a little more in mind? No they don't. The Note8 does NOTHING better than the NoteFE. NOTHING. Not even the S Pen was upgraded. IT'S THE SAME PEN!

  6. I like how he is using a an apple watch while reviewing a note 8. That tells me he had not really used the device. The watch is not compatible with Android so why is he wearing it?

  7. Since when RAM is for speed?? More RAM equals more apps and services open in the background with less refresh of those apps. Touchwiz is quite a heavy skin so more RAM is appreciated. CPU, flash memory and software optimization determine a phone's speedy performance.

  8. Started off as a paid review for Samsung and then tried hard to cover up by finding unnecessary useless excuses to put them as cons

  9. I like your last line – "While the Note 8 might be Samsung's best big phone, it's still not going to be worth it for some people." And those 'some people' include folks like me who own the S8 plus and who don't care much for the S Pen and a dual camera. Very good and honest review. I'm subscribing.

  10. I think the Galaxy S8+ is a bad idea to make the 2 options for samsung was great .. the galaxy for people who like small phones and the note for people who liked bigger phones!

  11. I've noticed the bixby to actually get better day one compared to now is like night and day. Also dont bash anything about the split screen and spen if you dont use it. Just say you domt use it but dont approach that tooic as if its pointless.

  12. The note8 can be niche but it also isnt. It doesnt have missing features really that make it not suitable for other uses. It is really a do anything phone. People alwyas talk about the spen for ONLY writing notes and drawing as if no one has ever been in a situation where you meed to go on a desktop mode website and click around. The spen helps with real world scenerios of high accuracy clicks and edits when you need it. Not everyday but just those few times a month where you need precision gestures/clicks on the screen. The spen will get you there.

  13. The fact he was using a second hand pencil for the stylus is why this review should not be takin seriously

  14. App pair? You said? For you info.. thats the most productive feature of this phone and most note 8 user use it…

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