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Samsung Galaxy S5 review | Engadget


The Samsung Galaxy S5 is a durable phone that brings a toned-down TouchWiz UI, a better camera, longer battery life, improved performance, a fingerprint scanner and enhanced health tracking.
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  1. Feels like a school boy reading a bad script for his class presentation, poor review compared to other Youtube reviews.

  2. Extremely bias review , you miss out and alot of important features (–___–) tumbs down!!

  3. GS5 has a standard type fingerprint reader, as found on Lenovo Thinkpad e530, Sony Vaio and other PC's.
    The iPhone 5 has a great fingerprint sensor as it is so easy to use, you can't do it wrong!

  4. no thanks. xperia z2 for me. sonys xperia z line totally blows galaxy away. i went from s4 to xperia z1. no more galaxy for me. 

  5. Was that a review or what! The guy didn't even show the cool features. The camera, download booster? He was just playing with fingerprint scanner. And Samsung is way cooler than htc come on!
    Engadget…..what a disappointment.

  6. Its sort of funny to start out the video saying how the device "like always looks pretty much the same" in a negative connotation, however you (meaning Engadget) pretty much praised the iphone 5s for the same thing…?

    Also, referring back to your old iphone 5s review you mentioned all the positive changes in the new 5s vs the iphone 5 and highlighted those features as innovative. Well to be honest the most innovative feature on that device compared to any of its predecessor's would have to be touch id, which I absolutely think works flawlessly in comparison to the fingerprint scanner on the gs5. If it is going to be the norm to review a device and then spend half the review talking about another competitors device then it should be done on every review. If you look at your iphone 5s review you guys did a marvelous job speaking on THAT device for the entire review.

    I challenge you to be a better, reliable, and more unbiased source for tech news, reviews and the such.

  7. Htc are a doomed company playing catch up at the last minute but they are making good phone… At the moment while Samsung on the other hand are a very successful company making mediocre smartphones .. which people like will continue to support! Lol

  8. nice review haters shut up  i heard samsung paid a lot of ppl to comment on youtube or any other websites  this mite be one 

  9. Samsung, because we like to screw our customers with ugly ass phones then do an outstanding marketing to sell that shits

  10. So let me get this right.   It has a fingerprint scanner that dont work very well and heart rate monitor that does not work very well, so i need to pay a premium price…

  11. Why do people always hate on Samsung? Half of the people never even used it to say that the phone is bad. He wasn't even swiping his thumb right.

  12. Actually m8 can be read as Mate or friend for those not familiar with European word. It just sounds better than M-8… Hopefully the Note 4 is a whole lot better in performance and way better in battery cause I'm waitin for that water resistant perfect phone… i dropped mine in water though the phone is in perfect condition now since i put it in rice i prefer a phone that i dont have to worry about rain or droppin it in water

  13. They compared ONE FUCKING THING to apple, which was their fingerprint scanner, I don't see why everyone's so butthurt about it.

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