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Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids Edition Video Review


If you want to learn about the best kids tablets then come to the best kids tablets website at http://kidstabletwifi.com where we have info out about all the products available this year. You can see the brand new Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids edition in this video review that goes over what’s included, specs, parental controls, content included and more.

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  1. Hi! Thanks for the video, I just have a question. I had the samsung galaxy tab 3 7' but I return it because I feel it a little slow , it wasn't like crazy slow but I'm being always and Apple user so I think it has a little lag sometimes BUT  I love samsung and this idea is perfect! My girl it's going to be 2 next month so my question is: "How good is when you use it in the normal mode? It get slower becouse the kids app? How much gigas I have left after all that?
    Once again thank you for your video , I'm being looking for a review and I see a lot from the expo and yours is finally in english and hands on the tablet. It's so cool! I want to get it for black friday at toyrus for $189 plus a $20 gift card. What do you think? Thank you again like REALLY lol

  2. Great review.  I am loving how they have more kid tablets .  I have spent so much money on inotab leapfrog well not know more after I add up all the games you buy for it this . I realize might as buy a tablet lol. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you so much for these great reviews! Your videos are better than any article. So what do you think is best for a 3 year old boy? This one or Nabi Jr. Nick Jr. addition? I have a Samsung S4 and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. So I am familiar with Samsung. However I just want whatever my son will find easier and most interesting for him. Your opinion really matters to me. Thanks!

  4. @Jennifer Hammon To be honest I would go with the SG Tab 3 Kids edition. It's a very easy carousel, has good parental controls, has Google Play, you will already be familiar with this product,and had a bunch of cool free games compared to most that require a bunch of in app purchases. You can also get a regular SG Tab 7 case to beef up the durability.

    I appreciate your praise. The videos and website have been fun to make.

  5. I really haven't wandered into the realm of adult tablets and teens tablets yet and if I owned one I would do it for you. I'll see if I have a friend that will loan me one so I can show you around it.

  6. thanks for the review i think i am convinced now…i really like how its a normal tab, but has the kids edition as well and the parental control which is really important. 

  7. Hey … Quick Question … I was looking to get this for my nephew and I see that it has 8GB internal memory but I just wanted to know if it has an expandable memory slot … Great review BTW

  8. Hey I decided to buy this tablet and it doesn't work, so I returned it and bought another one and it doesn't work either, I can't make the samsung apps to work, or the kids store on kids mode, does this happen to your tablet too? The only place I can download apps is in play store, which is kind of dissapointing… When I try to open samsung apps or kids store it just says (network unavaiable) and it never works.

  9. I did create an account. The problem is that theyre
    Not loading it just says error network unavailable and I hit retry and I could sit there hitting retry and it would never work so I was wondering if you experienced the same problem. should I just return it and maybe try a 3rd
    One? I feel dissapointed with samsung products now im leaning towards the mini ipad
    But since its for a 4 yr old I really liked the samsung. Thanks for responding.

  10. It is conmected to wifi and my other apple devices dont have a problem with it. Just like i said i can download
    Apps in play store but not samsung apps or kids store in kids mode. It also says service unavailable or the nerwork unavailable error.

  11. I like Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 Kids its very good for kids to learn how to operate mobile.When this product is available in India and what will be the price of it I want to buy for my daughter please help me 

  12. hello could you please upload a video file or recovery of this tablet that rootie and was the version of hello kitty so here I need the rom or recovery'll be aware please reply thanks.

  13. Can you add movies to watch just like you showed on the Nabi 2? Which would you recommend for a 6/7 year old, nani 2 or this galaxy tab for kids?

  14. I highly recomend to any small business owner that needs a small (this has a 10 inch screen so its bigger than most other tablets) easy way to show your work and ads to clients.

  15. Would anybody please be kind enough to guide me through the process of accessing youtube on kidsmode? I have recently bought my daughter this tablet and she loves to watch videos on youtube, so I would like to install youtube in kidsmode prior to giving it to her for her birthday next week. I know that it is possible, as I've read reviews where ppl have done it. However, I can't seem to find a way to do it myself. Youtube is already preinstalled in adult mode. Not looking for any critical remarks such as 'kids should not be allowed on youtube; you're a bad mum…' etc, etc. I am a responsible adult and will make my own decisions thank you. 😃

  16. Hi, thanks for this. Just purchased it off Amazon as the Gold Box Deal of the Day (SM-T110NDWACCC), different color…do you know if the specs are the same or have you done a video on the newer one? It's for our 8 yr old son and he already has the Nabi 2 (2013). I want him to be able to use it in regular mode and maybe not so much kid mode since he has the Nabi for that. Are there parental controls in regular mode? Can there be more than one kid profile? Thanks!

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