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Samsung KS7000/8000 Review For Console and PC Gaming 4K HDR TV


Today we’re taking a look at the Samsung KS7000 UHD 4K HDR TV in our Samsung KS7000/8000 review for console and PC gaming. The KS8000 is the North American equivalent of the European KS7000. With the arrival of the Xbox One S, Playstation 4 Pro and next year’s Xbox One X there’s a lot of buzz surrounding 4K HDR compatible TVs. Purchasing a new 4K HDR TV is a bit of a minefield at present and anyone looking to buy a new TV needs to be through with their research before taking the plunge as not all 4K HDR TVs are the same and in most instances some which claim to be HDR compatible aren’t nearly as good as those which fully support HDR.

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  1. Ehar auto motion plus seting you have. I am playing ps4 and i have set up automatic and have soap opera efect

  2. Indeed, I bought the last one (49KS7000 discontinue production) in Malaysia for 700quid just now!

  3. Hi, malaysia only have series 7 and series 9. There is no series 8 in malaysia. So, is ks7000 in malaysia same as ks8000 in america?

  4. Do I really need an XB1S to take advantage of this tv or could I just wait till Scorpio comes and exchange my XB1 then.

  5. Some reviews say that the viewing angles are very narrow and the picture becomes very washed out when viewed from an angle. Does anyone has experienced this?

  6. I have a USA first cousin to EU Samung 55KS 7000 2 week new Samsung 2016 55KS 800D Costco retailer model in Black Chrome aka Samsung 55KS 8000 sibling with a binned for me Samsung direct FA01 panel code.

    Its an ultra black HDR Wide color 4K LCD panel monster with ~7000:1 and 1474 Peak nits measured at rtings .com

    The biggest gain here to the new Samsung was a proper 2 pt white balance , it was horribly to Wall mart /Target display dramatic and blue pushing and neon green with suppressed RED at 0 defaults . The panel came in range very nicely with a good 2pt white balance like I thought it may without a full electronic calibration that would be mandatory otherwise and never a bad idea anyway .

    This new Samsung KS8* uktra black HDR panel monster looks like a better than Sony ,Sony now with decently vibrant Samsung QDOT colors but still in conforming standards for blacker than black (on this panel ) ,NOT clipping and or crushing color and white details,shadow details or grey scale & color gradations within bt709 reference standards boundaries and this exceptional LCD panel range .

    Does the 49" stack up to the 55" and is it a true 10 bit QDOT 120Hz (US) 100 HZ abroad LCD panel like the 55++ KS 8000 ?

    The 2016 Samsung TV's are on the right side of Samsung better and worse tick tock model tears like Sony had at 2016 not so good blow the 9ZD and 2017 much better E models and the Sony OLED .

    That said my brand new 55KS 8000 sibling in here is by far the best TV in this 6 TV stable that includes a decent model 2013 1080p Samsung plasma .

    My new 2016 USA Samsung KS 8* first cousin to EU KS 7000 model is a free extended warranty replacement I picked out with a binned FA01 panel code for for a dark 2015 Sony 55X850C that was in here , I was shopping this product and the Sony X900E at the time for an upgrade in here anyway .

    OTOH the second dark since 2014 and 2015 new Sony sealed the deal for a Samsung LCD until micro dot LED( real QD LED TVs come out in a few year most likely a Samsung .

    I'm not son sure Small fry Sony corp. can afford a Micro LED CLEDIS TV panel FAB they will more likely than not have to outsource TV panels as now from the 2 So. Korean ,ROK big boys and the rest of the FAB's ,

  7. thanks for this vid! Can you clarify for me, i know ther is a game mode, is there also a pure pc mode? i ask because i know some users are experiencing blue lines weirdness in game mode

  8. Today I went to curry's which is a nationwide uk based electronic appliance retailer, and when I went there to enquire which tv is best for 4k gaming for my PS4 pro. When I spoke to the salesmen he recommended that the Sony Bravia TVs are the best because they are bigger then any other brand and I asked him, are they better then Samsung, LG Panasonic and he said Sony has taken over all of them in regards to making the best tv.

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