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As of yet I have not seen any videos about this great board game.

This is a Milton Bradley game that was released in 1986 as Shogun, then later renamed Samurai Swords in 1995 due to a name conflict with James Clavell’s Shogun (which also had a board game of the same name).

This game was the last of the Milton Bradley gamemaster series. These games where big games that had a lot of attention to detail and some have even been released as of 2005 in updated format. The original games are as follows: Broadsides and Boarding Parties (1982), Axis & Allies (1982), Conquest of the Empire (1984), Fortress America (1986), Samurai Swords (1986) (originally released as Shogun)

I do own a copy of this game but none of the pictures are mine and the music isn’t mine either. No copyright infringement intended and I made this to at least put a video out there about this game, as far as I know this game is getting rather hard to get a copy of.

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  1. @Jedyo90 I think they go for around $50 minimum or so also it would depend on if his copy is the one with the title Shogun or the one with the Title Samurai swords. The Shogun titled one goes for more.

    I think instead of selling it you should open and play it.

  2. Found this game at the thrift store for two bucks, decided to buy it, and am not regretting it! I haven't been able to play it yet, but almost all of the pieces are there, and it looks like a lot of fun to play. I checked out the updated Shogun, but I'm not sure about it, I might like this older one better!

  3. Samurai Swords is one of my favorite board games! I just found out that Avalon Hill is re-releasing the game, if anyone is interested. Same rules and all, just brand new pieces. If anyones interested the game is called 'Ikusa' (yeah, I know, third name change) and looks particularly amazing. Im just excited to get a new version, since mine is kinda worn out.

  4. @merlin4029 Wow, are you kidding? Two bucks? You found a treasure for nothing my friend, enjoy.

  5. @Shinobimuramasa7 Thanks for the info about the re-issue. Though I have a copy of the original game as it was first issued, I'm thinking I will buy this new issue to play with my buddies and leave the collectors item safely tucked away.

  6. @HWKTheDrake I am really enjoying playing it. Shogun is a bit more complex, which drops the number of people you can get interested quite a bit. It's fun, fairly simple and detailed enough to make replaying it great. I completely agree that it is a treasure, and if anyone likes Risk, then definitely get this game.

  7. Avalon Hill just reissued this. Called Ikusa this time. Different colors for sides this time, but no more little katanas for turn order, just chips.

  8. @KenM68 Nooooooooooooooo!!!!! I want the katanas!

    That is really disappointing. I was going to buy the new version, but now I'd rather find a used old one and hope the katanas are intact.

  9. @mocthezuma I'd rather have the katanas, too. Alot of other people online are upset about the change. I've been waiting for a reissue for years. So I will pick it up. I never had the older versions.

  10. i have 3 of these games. it's a long story why but i have been selling individual pieces in case people need to replace a piece or two to their game.

  11. When it is unopened, if you have the original version and not the 'Samurai Swords'' version (which is the same, but the name changed because of legal issues with the same book Shogun coming out) You can check out boardgamegeeks, It has a very detailed on how much the actual game is worth. It is the site all the screenshots of this movie are also from. I find it very difficult to believe that Shohmyoh doesn't know this.

  12. Check boardgamegeeks, and my truth happened. I put my mind out onit, to find this game. And i found it. Search and look forever.. If you really set your mind to it, it will work. Like a true samurai eh? 😉

  13. You made my day i would say, but it is night… I never understood why the game was not more appreciated. Now it will… I never knew there was a reissue. I cannot thank you enough for this. Thank you kindly. regards, Keimpe

  14. When in a battle is it possible to wage war against a province with one spearmen?and when you get a miss does this player die/is removed?plz answer cause now we are trying t understand it but there are not enough details

  15. I have the original, it's awesome. too bad the Ikusa variant doesn't have the swords (to pick order of turn)

  16. It's 9 months later when I've read this comment. I looked it up on Google Images, and already my curiosity is peaked. Would you tell me more about it please?

  17. What really sets this game apart is the bidding and the Ninja which can save the whole outcome of the game in certain situations.. hidden Ronin are great too.. im shocked this game wasnt more popular its one of my families and friends favorites..

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