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Samurai Warriors Chronicles (3DS) Review


Samurai Warriors Chronicles Review 3DS video assessment! This assessment marks my first in a collection of 3DS recreation critiques appreciate.

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  1. I remember 10 years ago playing so much dynasty warriors I used to see red health bars over all the cars in traffic. I'm scared to go back to that…

  2. the best thing about this game is you can order your generals in the map to go and attack or defend.

  3. Awesome, nice work. I've never played this game before, but this is by far the best review I've seen about it. I really feel that I know what it's about and how it plays.

  4. I love musou games, it would be awesome if there's an option where your troops(they're useless anyway, and just stand still) would stay back cuz hacking opponents by yourself is much more fun.
    I also mistake them as enemies some time but they just stand still (-.-)
    I like how you said God bless (and happy gaming)!
    Totally caught me off guard :)))

  5. This review came very handly for me. Thanks for it.

    btw, I always had problems with the combo "Horses on SW titles+Camera", I played them since SW2 and the issue with the "Oh god Where am I swinging my sword at" while riding was still on that old title; what a shame they didn't fix that..

  6. Dynasty Warriors is based on the Romance of the Three Kingdoms era/book while Samurai Warriors is based on Nobunaga's rule during the Sengoku period. -_- Lol @kwing calling him Nobunagwa.

  7. Disregarding the cutscenes (which would be great to watch if you're new and patient enough) and the graphics, this looks like a good game to play. What would totally be awesome is for Dynasty Warriors on the 3DS, preferably Gundam.

  8. I wish there was online team and battle against each other this game would have been 5 stars for me but its 3 for me 4 on a good day

  9. All we (or at least I^^) need now is a Dynasty Warriors game for the 3DS. I know there's one in Japan, so, Koei, do your thing 😀
    That was a good review. Giving a basic overview of the game's mechanics, explaining your points of criticism and summing it all up in the end, well done!

  10. Reminds me to much of Zelda Hyrule Warriors with down graded graphics, less combat/combo moves and unknown characters. Maybe I've just grown to expect to much from games at my old age 😛 I mean.. my first "GAME" system was a PONG machine.

  11. Just check the Dynasty Warriors on Vita and see the difference 3ds is so bad I got both Vita and 3DS and I am really sad that my Vita is getting dusted while I am playing w/ 3ds because I played all the good games already and no more will come. Imagine if MH was on vita it would be awesome but the 3ds mh games look worse than the psp mh games.

  12. I'm Considering getting this game, Is there a difficulty system? if so, Is there a hard because the way you are playing makes it look SUPER EASY.

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