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Sandberg USB Sound Box 7.1 Gadget Review for News & Reviews


The Sandberg USB Sound Box 7.1 offers you an instant upgrade to 7.1 and acts as a secondary sound card via a USB connection. Having tested it out, the causal user and enthusiast can find many things to like about this little black box. Not only does it become your central hub for controlling your sound but also offers much more flexibility and choices, especially with the dual microphone option and the optical in and out!
If I had any reservations, it would be the fact that having a device/hub like this fully connected with potentially 11 cables connected to it means it would look untidy on a desk and if your were to place it under the desk, you lose the ability to use the volume controls. But thats the only complaint I can make. Besides that, it is a nifty little gadget!

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  1. This would probably have been a really great review – But unfortunately the "background" music is so fucking loud, it makes it really hard to hear what is being said in the video… 🙁

  2. The review is not bad, but people come here to hear what you have to say about the product, not to hear the music that you like. Try to reduce the volume next time so we can hear you better.

  3. A good review by a presentable guy who spoilt the video by failing to get the balance right between music and speech. The idea is that we should hear what the Sanberg is capable of doing, not a repetitive mind numbing sound loop that all but drowns out the commentary.    

  4. Music is too loud. Not enough detail about the device or comparisons to alternative devices.

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